The White Armory sells the work Bee Dumpling and Colton Drechsler, a husband and wife pair. They sell both fantasy woman’s clothing as well as weapons. She is the seamstress and he is the weapon smith. Both make absolutely stunning items.

Bee’s gowns are absolutely amazing and she has so many! The colors and textures and patterns of the material as well as how she uses prim additions really create a high class medieval look perfect for a princess or elven lady. The gown I was wearing in the pictures in the last merchant post (The Curious Prim) is a White Armory gown. Our own Lady of Alurel has been wearing a lot of White Armory gowns lately and so I am sure many of you have seen quite a few of them already.
One of the most notable features of her gowns is how she uses the prim skirts to create a full skirt with a long train. The train is also an optional attachment which can bring down the overall formality of the gown some if that is something you want.
There are moments in any lady’s life where gowns would just be impractical. The White Armory has clothing for then as well. Fortunately for all, there will be no need to sacrifice style for practicality, when those moments come, because train or not, these clothes are absolutely lovely.
A weapon is a tool, it aids in battle, in the hunt, in defense; yet when crafted with skill or magic it is also art. Colton Dreschler is an artist. The swords and daggers that he sells at The White Armory are as beautiful as they are useful. They work with both Spellfire and DCS combat systems

He has made both male and female styles and has put much thought and detail in to all of them. They also come with a resizer script so that no matter your avatars size both your blade and your sheath will fit your stature.
So whether you would like a dagger for a lady or a huntsman; a sword for a drow queen or a gladiator. You will find it here.
Stop by and take a look you will love what you see of both their work.

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    Wildstar said...

    hmmm ... nice swords. I have to visit :)

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