Not all plots sizes will be available. Check here frequently to see if something more in your size opens up.

More than one plot may be bought at one time if they are next to each other to form a larger plot. When this happens, Lady Aianna will combine the two plots to make them one on the tier ball so that you are paying only one tier ball instead of two.

One month = 4 weeks when renting in Second Life 

 All following links will take you to the Alurel FB page where full and comprehensive descriptions of each plot is available along with a great many pictures of those plots.


1024 sq.m., 234 prims, L$1700/month Plots:



2048 sq.m.,  468 prims, L$3,400/month Plots: 



4096 sq.m., 937 prims, L$6,800/month Plots:



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