Welcome to Alurel's Midsummer Celebration:

Date: June 19th
Where: Alurel

(The full day's schedule of events is listed below the introduction)

    Welcome to Alurel's first Midsummer celebration! I know our seasonal festivals are usually at least two days in length but these are lean times for most everyone these days. We have only three events this season but that doesn't make the celebration any less joyful! We are very grateful for what we are able to bring you and will dance hearts out :)).
    The Sun is at it's strongest! The fae  and fauns are frolicking in the wood! Come and join them in their dance of life and love for this season of warmth! We have a story telling, a Ball with a singer like none you've ever heard, and a spectacular fire show that will leave you in awe! Come and join us!


The Light of the Year ~ Litha Festival of the Sun

(All Events are at the above landmark unless otherwise specified)

Schedule of Events:

Sunday, June 19, 2011:

10am - 12pm - Aianna Oh - A Return to the Old Ways

What do we mean by old ways? Well, a long time ago, story tellers would pluck a story out of the air and tell it to their listeners around the fire. This is how all of Aianna Oh's short stories have been written. This story telling is not done in voice but in local chat. While she can read a written tale aloud, making one up in voice is another matter. But typing one out is much easier...it's harder to stutter when typing :). Aianna may designate one or two trusted friends to copy and paste all she types to be cleaned up later and added to her collection of short stories in case she crashes before she's finished.

12pm - 2pm - Skye Galaxy - Alurel Midsummer Ball

There are no words to adequately describe Skye Galaxy, Sean Ryan in rl! When Sean sings, it's like watching art come to life...lines of poetry transformed to sound and marching through your soul, moving you in a way you've never been moved before. His is a voice and talent like no other in any world and I feel blessed to have the privilege of having him here in Alurel! You really do NOT want to miss Sean play!!!

2pm - 3pm - ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love

"The spirit in us greets the spirit in You." The Trinity Sisters are truly a sight to see. They are one of the most unique acts I've seen in sl. Customized animations, props and particles that are beautifully synchronized to flow with their DJ's music. It's quite a show!
This show is held in Alurel Village as there is not enough space in the Ballroom:

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Guess what is Coming to Alurel?

Midsummer Festival in Alurel with a performance from ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow and DJ Shyanne Winterwolf.

Sunday 19th of June at 2pm Slt.

Come by our Alurel Village to celebrate this wonderful Season with us! We would love to have you!

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