*Deviance* Costumes Fantasy & Fairytale outfits
Deviance creator Surreal LeShelle, offers quite a few wonderful fantasy clothing options. Many are based off of classic fairytales and stories from Snow White to Tinkerbelle and many original creations besides. One set that she offers that I am personally in love with is her Rose Red. This is derived from the story of sisters, Snow White and Rose Red who help a bear who is really a prince under a spell. One thing that Deviance does is that the Lucky Cupcake has unique items that are variations on what she has for sale. One of these items is Blue Bell which was the name of a third sister who appears in some versions of the story and was my favorite of them as a child. The set comes with different skirt lengths and color options.

She has a wonderful collection of fae styles. From the classic Ballerina Sugarplum fairy to some more unusual and magical styles there is likely to be something for everyone.
The Elementalist set comes in both deep jewel tones or in some stunning rainbow fades. The Enchantress set which has a similar flair also has a good variety of colors and at the time of writing this post (8/10/10) is available in a unique lavender color for L$10 as part of the Platinum Hunt which runs until the end on the month. For the prim outfits like the Enchantress and the Elementalist there is a shape included to help you better fit them without much tweaking.
While many of the styles seem to appeal to those of fairy blood, Deviance does all so have a few gowns and even a more martial set. Her gowns are of wonderful quality and are consistent the wonderful textures used on the other garments in the shop.

She does offer more modern styles both of street wear and costuming with the bunny girls or pirates. One newer offering which works only in those with viewer 2 are some face tattoos. They have different colors and styles some looking more like make-up, others like scars, or tattoos or even tears. I will be looking into picking up some of these in the near future.

The Enchantress in lavander (above)
Rainbow Elementalist (below)
*Deviance*'s offerings in our lovely forest.

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