JCNY is one of SL’s finest jewelry stores. The quality of JD Hansen’s pieces truly sets the bar high for competitors. They offer all types of jewelry from the more formal to the more casual. And they have fantastic wedding sets. Zin and I wear one of JCNY’s sets and we picked it after literally hours of searching for the best price and quality we could find.

I have a few other more casual pieces from them and Lady Aianna will frequently adorn herself in jewels from JCNY. I love them!

But apart from the quality of the jewelry’s appearance one of the major factors that makes me love JCNY is the scripting. The bling does not only turn on and off but is fully manageable in size, frequency, style, everything. The wedding sets also have a very cute “italk” feature that allows you to “inscribe” the rings and it will read what you have said every time the ring is equipped or when you log on. I personally love this feature! It comes with some preloaded sayings or you can write your own as Zin and I did.
The main piece of scripting that the jewelry has is “hyper-gems” they are fully changeable through an easy menu driven interface. It is clean and simple and wonderful because sometimes you just want to wear opals, or emeralds, or diamonds.

You might have to save up a bit to get some of the pieces but the wait is worth it.

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