In order to be sure that those of you who love Alurel know when plots become available to live in, a new section has been added to the catalogue portion of the blog.

    Look to the top of the blog page and you will see "Available Plots in Alurel" in the list of items in the catalogue. When you click this, you will find a list of plot sizes and links to information on plots which are currently available.

    If you don't see any links under a particular plot size, that's not a mistake, it simply means we have no plots of that size available at the moment. If that happens, then send a notecard to Aianna Oh to be put on a waiting list for that size plot.

    When the links you see are clicked, they will take you to the Alurel FB page photo album for that plot, in which you will find a link to that particular plot of land and detailed photos. You don't need to be a member of FB to see the contents of a public page! We have already tested that, so click away.

    Remember that current residents are allowed to buy a plot bordering theirs to increase their land and prims. New residents may do the same. You are not restricted to only one plot. If you do buy a second plot, be sure to let Aianna Oh know as soon as possible so that the tier balls you will find in the tier pavilion can be merged. That way you will only be paying one tier ball instead of two.

    The best course for new residents is to go ahead and pay both tier balls immediately. The amount of time you have won't change when the tier balls are merged if both tier balls have the same amount of time on them.

    For current residents, if you wish to increase your land holdings, be sure to contact Aianna Oh first BEFORE you pay the second tier ball! More than likely your tier balls will be out of sync if you go ahead and pay and that will make it more difficult to figure out how much time you have left when I merge the two balls. The best course is for me to merge them before you add time. If you still have time remaining, then you will still have at least some time remaining once the tier balls are merged.

    Happy home hunting, eveyone! Perhaps you'll find the home of your dreams? :).

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