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FallnAngel Creations’ prefab houses and furniture are for sale out of an abandoned amusement park. Which keeps to the creepy and haunting feel of Azriel Demain’s other stores well. I admit that I was very much looking forward to this particular store after spending some time in his others. This is an artist who knows how to create and effect which is really what anyone building or decorating to match the fantasy theme is looking for. I think he definitely has pieces that will do just that. Not only does he sell the bones for that effect, buildings and furniture but he also has the accessories that give life to them. Things like candles, food, atmosphere creating particle effects and such. If you see something in one of the shops you like wonder around here for a bit and you are likely to find it for sale.

The furniture is on display in the houses so that you get an easy look at both. He has a good eye for form and its apparent in both items from his Elven pieces to the more rustic. The prim count is not outstandingly low however it is not too high either and he made some very good choices in colors and textures for these pieces.
 While I did not find the selection here as large as in his other stores he does cover a lot of ground and styles with what he does offer so there is likely to be something to fit into the look you wish to create. I am looking forward to seeing what else he will be adding to this store in the future.
Like his other stores you can TP to a particual location but if you have the time I would suggest wandering on foot and getting the feel of the whole place I think its worth it. 

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