The current recession has be making it hard for everyone to afford the little extras particularly with companies raising or at least not lowering the prices they charge. With that in mind Lady Aianna has custom built a beautiful elven aboreal village! With much lower rental cost than a full plot these absolutly lovely tree houses would make a great home for those who love Alurel but can't afford the land prices.

Each aboreal house has its own teleport, a generous amount of prims and a lovely view. We are excited to be able to welcome more people into the Alurel Family with these affordable homes.

 L$ 200 a week, 100 prims but only 18 avalable.

Come by and take a look we would love to welcome you home!

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Hello Neighbors!!!
Please come and visit us at our new home - we would love to see you! Bring your SO also!

***   MUSIC  ***   DANCING   ***   FOOD   ***

and best of all - to meet each other!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 5:00-6:00 SLT
(please mark your calendar)
Fortuna Smiles, Alurel

Machinima to be posted soon (I am working on it) about the moving in!

Skyspinner Soulstar and Pendragon Alchemi


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