"Saying Goodbye"
Photos by AlphaTest03 Yohkoh

"Guard Duty"
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If you have your own Alurel Photos, (either of the sim itself or of the family) send them to Alurel.kingdom@gmail.com or in a notecard to Aianna Oh or Cali Ciaco so we can share them.

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JCNY is one of SL’s finest jewelry stores. The quality of JD Hansen’s pieces truly sets the bar high for competitors. They offer all types of jewelry from the more formal to the more casual. And they have fantastic wedding sets. Zin and I wear one of JCNY’s sets and we picked it after literally hours of searching for the best price and quality we could find.

I have a few other more casual pieces from them and Lady Aianna will frequently adorn herself in jewels from JCNY. I love them!

But apart from the quality of the jewelry’s appearance one of the major factors that makes me love JCNY is the scripting. The bling does not only turn on and off but is fully manageable in size, frequency, style, everything. The wedding sets also have a very cute “italk” feature that allows you to “inscribe” the rings and it will read what you have said every time the ring is equipped or when you log on. I personally love this feature! It comes with some preloaded sayings or you can write your own as Zin and I did.
The main piece of scripting that the jewelry has is “hyper-gems” they are fully changeable through an easy menu driven interface. It is clean and simple and wonderful because sometimes you just want to wear opals, or emeralds, or diamonds.

You might have to save up a bit to get some of the pieces but the wait is worth it.

or online

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It started out innocently enought Aleea invited people to come and see her new house. Little did we know she would have us dancing the whole night though!
Tired out from dancing

Our lovely hostess

Thanks for the Dance!

If you have your own Alurel Photos, (either of the sim itself or of the family) send them to Alurel.kingdom@gmail.com or in a notecard to Aianna Oh or Cali Ciaco so we can share them.

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The White Armory sells the work Bee Dumpling and Colton Drechsler, a husband and wife pair. They sell both fantasy woman’s clothing as well as weapons. She is the seamstress and he is the weapon smith. Both make absolutely stunning items.

Bee’s gowns are absolutely amazing and she has so many! The colors and textures and patterns of the material as well as how she uses prim additions really create a high class medieval look perfect for a princess or elven lady. The gown I was wearing in the pictures in the last merchant post (The Curious Prim) is a White Armory gown. Our own Lady of Alurel has been wearing a lot of White Armory gowns lately and so I am sure many of you have seen quite a few of them already.
One of the most notable features of her gowns is how she uses the prim skirts to create a full skirt with a long train. The train is also an optional attachment which can bring down the overall formality of the gown some if that is something you want.
There are moments in any lady’s life where gowns would just be impractical. The White Armory has clothing for then as well. Fortunately for all, there will be no need to sacrifice style for practicality, when those moments come, because train or not, these clothes are absolutely lovely.
A weapon is a tool, it aids in battle, in the hunt, in defense; yet when crafted with skill or magic it is also art. Colton Dreschler is an artist. The swords and daggers that he sells at The White Armory are as beautiful as they are useful. They work with both Spellfire and DCS combat systems

He has made both male and female styles and has put much thought and detail in to all of them. They also come with a resizer script so that no matter your avatars size both your blade and your sheath will fit your stature.
So whether you would like a dagger for a lady or a huntsman; a sword for a drow queen or a gladiator. You will find it here.
Stop by and take a look you will love what you see of both their work.

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Evie's closet had a sale on a new color of her mermaid outfits and a custom couples pose ball set from No Stings Attached to go with it so Zin and I picked them up and had some fun.
Top two photos taken by Zindonas Loxingly
bottom by Cali Ciaco

Feel free to swing by and try out the pose balls for youself they are just off the side of Springfall Emiance by by the mountain here on Alurel.

If you have your own Alurel Photos, (either of the sim itself or of the family) send them to Alurel.kingdom@gmail.com or in a notecard to Aianna Oh or Cali Ciaco so we can share them.

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The Curious Prim offers the creations of Grey Kurka. He sells furnishings, d├ęcor and housing. The Shop is small and does not contain nearly half of what he has to off but does give you a good idea of what it is, as well as a TP to where he has them rezed in world so you can explore the buildings and see the furnishings first hand.
He sells some really cute little display vehicles; a sailing ship, an air ship and a horse drawn sleigh minus the horses. These are all very beautiful and really help to set the tone for a plot. I am wondering if we can manage to squeeze that air ship on to Spring Fall Eminence at the moment.

You need to visit his items in world to really appreciate their beauty. For those with a little bit more room and prims to play with The Manor house is exquisite. A quirky mix or Georgian and Victorian architecture with both feet in medieval styles this house will fit nicely in a fantasy or steampunk or even as a well persevered historical building in a modern setting.
Inside you will find his furniture offerings. They are all lovely and fit the house well, and of course could be happy in many other locations as well. There are two pieces in particular that I wanted to highlight: the harpsichord and the antique trunk.

The harpsichord is just as appealing to look at as everything else Grey Kurka has created but what I particularly loved about it was the animations. When you sit on the bench you play the instrument and the animations are very smooth and realistic. It also has a touch menu to determine the speed at which you are playing. I really wish I could have gotten a video to post for you but all I can say is go try it out. There is also a child size version for sale to encourage the culture of your little princess.
The trunk is on display in both the shop itself and in the manor house. I also really enjoyed the scripted animations on this one. Once open if you sit on the trunk you will rummage though the trunk, also a very good animation.
For those looking for something a little smaller to live in there are two wonderful options here as well. A beautiful gypsy car and a medieval tent both of which though different in appearance evoke a more relaxed and care free lifestyle that might just fit what you are looking for.
One final piece to highlight is something that, at least for those who own land on Alurel, is a very familiar sight. The pavilion in which the payment box is located is one of Grey’s pieces as well. Head over to take a good look at it sometime, which should give you a good idea of how lovely his work is before you head off to see his shop.
The payment pavilion in Alurel

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Looking for his other offerings?
Garments and accessories
Avatar apperance, Full fantasy avatars

FallnAngel Creations’ prefab houses and furniture are for sale out of an abandoned amusement park. Which keeps to the creepy and haunting feel of Azriel Demain’s other stores well. I admit that I was very much looking forward to this particular store after spending some time in his others. This is an artist who knows how to create and effect which is really what anyone building or decorating to match the fantasy theme is looking for. I think he definitely has pieces that will do just that. Not only does he sell the bones for that effect, buildings and furniture but he also has the accessories that give life to them. Things like candles, food, atmosphere creating particle effects and such. If you see something in one of the shops you like wonder around here for a bit and you are likely to find it for sale.

The furniture is on display in the houses so that you get an easy look at both. He has a good eye for form and its apparent in both items from his Elven pieces to the more rustic. The prim count is not outstandingly low however it is not too high either and he made some very good choices in colors and textures for these pieces.
 While I did not find the selection here as large as in his other stores he does cover a lot of ground and styles with what he does offer so there is likely to be something to fit into the look you wish to create. I am looking forward to seeing what else he will be adding to this store in the future.
Like his other stores you can TP to a particual location but if you have the time I would suggest wandering on foot and getting the feel of the whole place I think its worth it. 

Visit FallnAngel Creations in world

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Looking for his other offerings?
Avatar apperance, Full fantasy avatars

When you first Teleport in to the main store for FallnAngel Creations you find yourself in the middle of a Gothic Cathedral. It is dark and stunning, the atmosphere is perfect and the monk chanting that comes softly and seemingly out of nowhere is enough to stir the heart toward worship as it was intended in the cathedrals of medieval Europe. It does feel almost a mystical if not hollowed place. Take a moment to walk outside and enjoy the snow. It is absolutely unnecessary and stunning and there for like all similar little good things should be enjoyed as often as you can. Azriel Demain has a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories so much so I could easily break this down into three or four posts about just that. You will find these items for sale in the basements and catacombs of the cathedral.
Because of the huge number of styles and options I can only say you must visit the store and look for yourself there are literally hundreds. He has an entire floor dedicated to kimonos and clothing styles derived from them all of which are beautiful. I am going to do my best to highlight some of the more unusual styles and the general options for the fantasy inclinded shopper.
Azriel Demain offers a ton of different gowns and fantasy dresses both the formal and the casual. In both styles you can pick yourdresses in a wonderful color array. The selection is really large you could literally spend at least an hour just looking at all of them. I am pretty sure I did. Quite a few of the casual dresses have a very gypsy flair which I have not seen too much of elsewhere personally and I liked quite a bit.
He has silks too that come in some very imaginative forms with some clear Asian inspirations as well as some that just seem like a fairy would be very at home in. wonderful colors and in some cases patterns on them as well.
FallnAngel Creations has a good number of, male or at least gender neutral, fantasy clothes. A lot of it strikes me as elven. And has just as many color and pattern options as the gowns and silks. And unlike a lot of the men’s clothing I have seen many of them have multiple layers to achieve different looks from the same outfit. 
Now we come to perhaps my favorite list of offerings from FallnAngel, their accessories. This is where in my opinion the creativity of the artist really shines. There are lanterns, fans, masks, shoes, parasols, a scythe, and much more and all are good.
There are two things that had me gushing though. The foot prints/ground effects. There were so many to choose from! I keep thinking about different outfits that these would be a wonderful addition to. I am going to have to limit myself some at first.

And this which is total fan girl squee.
But you do need to go and check out the shop for yourself.

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