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When you first Teleport in to the main store for FallnAngel Creations you find yourself in the middle of a Gothic Cathedral. It is dark and stunning, the atmosphere is perfect and the monk chanting that comes softly and seemingly out of nowhere is enough to stir the heart toward worship as it was intended in the cathedrals of medieval Europe. It does feel almost a mystical if not hollowed place. Take a moment to walk outside and enjoy the snow. It is absolutely unnecessary and stunning and there for like all similar little good things should be enjoyed as often as you can. Azriel Demain has a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories so much so I could easily break this down into three or four posts about just that. You will find these items for sale in the basements and catacombs of the cathedral.
Because of the huge number of styles and options I can only say you must visit the store and look for yourself there are literally hundreds. He has an entire floor dedicated to kimonos and clothing styles derived from them all of which are beautiful. I am going to do my best to highlight some of the more unusual styles and the general options for the fantasy inclinded shopper.
Azriel Demain offers a ton of different gowns and fantasy dresses both the formal and the casual. In both styles you can pick yourdresses in a wonderful color array. The selection is really large you could literally spend at least an hour just looking at all of them. I am pretty sure I did. Quite a few of the casual dresses have a very gypsy flair which I have not seen too much of elsewhere personally and I liked quite a bit.
He has silks too that come in some very imaginative forms with some clear Asian inspirations as well as some that just seem like a fairy would be very at home in. wonderful colors and in some cases patterns on them as well.
FallnAngel Creations has a good number of, male or at least gender neutral, fantasy clothes. A lot of it strikes me as elven. And has just as many color and pattern options as the gowns and silks. And unlike a lot of the men’s clothing I have seen many of them have multiple layers to achieve different looks from the same outfit. 
Now we come to perhaps my favorite list of offerings from FallnAngel, their accessories. This is where in my opinion the creativity of the artist really shines. There are lanterns, fans, masks, shoes, parasols, a scythe, and much more and all are good.
There are two things that had me gushing though. The foot prints/ground effects. There were so many to choose from! I keep thinking about different outfits that these would be a wonderful addition to. I am going to have to limit myself some at first.

And this which is total fan girl squee.
But you do need to go and check out the shop for yourself.

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