~*Forest Floor*~ Gardens & Dreamscapes
The best ever two prim trees I have ever seen in Second Life come from Forest Floor. They have many varieties of other plants as well, both fantasy and otherwise and a good many are only one prim. They have a very talented creator. You will see many of her trees, mushrooms and such all over Alurel. I never use anything else now when I want a full forest and if anyone would like help with there own forest or garden large or small I, The Lady of Alurel, am willing to lend my experiance to your aid.
Some of Forest Floors offerings at home in Alurel
One feature I love is that the trees are texture changing. You get a menu when clicking the foliage that will allow you to change the season of the tree, and even change it to put lights in it. When you click the tree trunk you can change the bark texture as well. I use this to change the seasons here on the sim to a wonderful effect.  
There are several sections to Forest Floor, though that is not always apparent at first when you tp in. Walk around the section you land in and you will find path to the next.
 Note the fog when you are passing by, the fog here in Alurel was custom done for us to get the right effect. Uni Ninetails, the owner of Forest Floor is very helpful and very open to suggestions, thus the fog that you will find in Alurel "burns away with the sun" and flows about on the ground at night as fog should do in a wood. So don't be afraid to talk to her! You would be helping yourself and you could also be helping her by adding suggestions for new products for her shop. And she is always adding new products. I recently picked up some woven wood and rose archways that are only two prims, though they are so detailed they look like they would surely be much more than that. So it would be a good idea to stop by every now and then even if your landscaping feels settled you might just find a new addition that you didn't think you could squeeze in if you are running short on prims. Forest floor will beat any other landscaping shop hands down any day. Far better than your average linden plants!
Forest Floor also offers Cut Flowers, Home Furnishings and Sculpture. All of these areas can be accessed easily by using the Teleport Directory at the landing point when you first teleport in.
The cut flowers and wreaths continue the pattern of low prim and cost as well as high quality that you find in the garden plants. The wreaths are only 1 prim and stunning. There are some good 1 prim cut flower options though for the few with a container the vase did not translate well. For that though she does have two prim cut flowers and the work on the vase and basket pirms is wonderful. Best of these are the orchids. The pots are also sold without flowers so you can mix and match flowers to vase or even uses them on their own. Please do explore all Forest Floor has to offer.

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    Anonymous said...

    99% of the trees in Alurel are from this merchant and all of the large group-of-four mushrooms (which are one prim btw). I could never have put a full forest on that sim without them and to look at them you really would never know they were only two prims. They look more like 20. yes, may be one prim more than linden trees but i'll take these over linden trees any day of the week no matter the size of the plot.

  1. ... on August 7, 2010 at 10:22 PM