This is a group for those who are friends and family of Alurel. Alurel has always been, first and foremost, a family. Respect, friendship, love...these are the important things. Welcome to our family!

We are open all races and work hard to accomodate and welcome the members of many different races. Whether you are human, elf, fae, hobbit, mermaid, dragon, or any other magical or mythical creature we hope you find our forest welcoming and that you come to explore and maybe join in a faerie dance or enjoy the elven drum circle. So please stop by take the time to reconnect with nature, perhaps meet a fairy and discover your inner elfish spirit in our magical setting.♡

Welcome to the Kingdom of Alurel!
Please take the time to read ALL of this covenant and become familiar with our rules and ways. I know it seems very long but it has only become that way because of willful residents wanting to interpret it THEIR way instead of how it's meant. If you place to live here, ignorance of our rules is NOT an excuse, so don't just browse. If you have any questions, drop me an IM, notecard or email (  and I'll answer you fast as I can.

We have a blog to help you keep up with Alurel events and happenings:

On this blog you will find events, or just pictures submitted by residents, stories of things that happened on the sim, as well as a whole section of listings of the best fantasy merchants to be found in sl. The blog will be updated daily. One new merchant will be added every day, so be sure to check it out often! If you have pictures or stories you wish to share please e-mail them to: 

or send them by notecard to either Aianna Oh or  Cali Ciaco.


1) About Alurel

Alurel is a fantasy themed land and a friendly, family based community. We have elves, faeries, mermaids, dragons, humans, dwarfs and much more. All are welcome here, even the dark side of fantasy, or not fantasy at all! Right now we are only two sims, but as we grow, some sims will begin to specialize in particular parts of fantasy. For instance, perhaps a future sim will be all mountain lairs like the homes of dragons, while another will be dark and swampy where trolls or goblins abound.

Our goal is to create a fantasy world in which everyone can live peacefully. We strive to make our kingdom naturally beautiful and a joy for all to live in. Alurel is founded on friendship, family and respect. It started as a small 4096 sq m plot of land and the family group which gathered on it. Alurel has always been, first and foremost, a family and we are always very pleased when our family grows.

2) Basic Rules

~A~ Visitors are always welcome in Alurel! We ask that you please respect the beings that you meet in our kingdom, whether they live here or not. We are all adults and we expect you to act like one. Use respect and common decency when interacting with other people in Alurel. ALL BEINGS ARE EQUAL HERE! Though some may retain titles on their estates (such as lord, lady, or other titles in various languages), that does not make those people more important than any other person. You may consider yourself an elder, having been in SL or the fantasy community for a long time, but that does not give you more of a voice than any one else or make you more important than anyone else. There is no discrimination in Alurel based on age, gender, or ethnicity. Furries, humans, tinies and even mecha avatars are just as welcome and respected as the smallest faeries and the tallest elves. If you are on a power trip, then take it somewhere else please.

~B~ This is not a heavy RP kingdom. We are light RP based on the fact that many people choose to be something other than your average modern day human. Some may choose to RP a role, but it is not in the line of a story going on here in the kingdom. It is their own personal preference and we ask that you please respect that. You don't have to play along with it and as such, the person playing that role is asked to please respect that person's right to not play along. It's always a good rule of thumb to just be yourself. I'm sure you'll be loved here :).

~C~ There is no fighting in Alurel. If you wish to wear a weapon, that is fine, but do not draw it and use it on another. You will receive a warning if you do and you will be banned if the behavior continues. This does not apply if two people are sparring on their own property just in the name of fun. If you wish to be able to spar on your land, build yourself a small arena, either on the ground or up in the sky and spar only in it. This makes it easier for you to not accidentally leave your land in the course of your sparring. Just because you see two people sparring on their own land does NOT give you the right to draw a weapon and jump into it...ask first! Some public events may involve fighting, such as tournaments or staged sea battles (when we've added a few ocean sims). These are in the nature of contests with prizes at the end. Naturally the no fighting rule is void during these for the contestants.

~D~ Children are also welcome here. If you come across a child we expect you to respect that person's right to play the part of a child here in second life, no matter what your personal views are on child avatars. They are harming no one and so are not to be harmed! That being said, no child is to take part in any adult activities. If a child is caught taking part in adult activities they will be ejected and permanently banned, no questions asked, no petitions, just gone, so don't do it.

~E~ While fantasy clothing is smiled on, it is NOT required. Just be who you are and you'll be just fine, no matter your personal look :). Women and men may appear topless (please be tasteful in this regard). This allows those "natural" mermaids and some of the naughtier sprites and nymphs to be more who they are. The genitals MUST be covered, even if only scantily. This is necessary to keep from being rated Adult, as opposed to Mature, and so blocking many from entering our kingdom. This of course does not apply to what one does in one's own private home.

~F~ Basic displays of affection are fine: kissing, hugging, etc. Full nudity, foreplay and sex are NOT allowed in public areas. Again this prevents us having to apply for an Adult rating instead of the Mature rating we maintain, and is just common decency. What you do in your own homes is entirely your own business, just keep it out of the public eye. That being said, both sims have a sim wide Intan loaded with dances and objects (tall mushrooms in Alurel and sea shells in Alurian Sea) that have a light green hover text to identify them are spread across both sims so that a couple may find a place to dance anywhere they wish. You'll also find cuddles, kisses, etc, in both sims as well as places for singles and couples to gather and just hang out :).

~G~ As stated several times already, what you do in your home is your own business. IT IS RUDE TO CAM INTO A PERSON'S HOME TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! Such behavior will get you first a warning, and then banned if it happens again. It's very easy to tell when a person's cam is nearby depending on the viewer you are using and many HUDs can also see it. You would not like others spying on you so please respect the privacy of others and keep your camera outside of people's houses unless the person living there has invited you to look around.

~H~ Slander, libel, hate speech (racial, ethnic or gender slurs), scamming, fraud, harassment, etc are NOT allowed by visitors or residents! Please keep foul language out of public areas. If you are inside your own home, then what you do and say is up to you, but please respect others living and visiting Alurel.

~I~ We ask that you keep your "kink" to yourself. Master/sub play is a matter of choice for those involved, but it can offend others who are strongly opposed to it. While there is no problem with the sub wearing his/her collar, and even wearing his/her leash, but we ask that you not engage in your D/s role play in Alurel. Keep that in IM! Naturally this does not apply if you are visiting in the house of a resident and that resident does not mind it or if it is within your own home. We respect your choice to live that way and we ask only that you respect those who do not agree with it. We also ask those who do not agree with it to respect those who choose that life style! It's not up to you to tell another person how they should live.

~J~  If you enter a person's parcel and that person asks you to please leave for some reason (perhaps just for some alone time), then please do have the courtesy of leaving the property. This is just common courtesy to the owner of the land. Respect them and they will surly respect you! Houses that have a sign called "Alurel Information" in front of them are uninhabited and may be entered. Such houses are on plots that are for sale.

~K~ Please do NOT fly higher than 525 m on any parcel other than your own unless you have been invited to do so by the owner of the parcel. A lot of people keep their private places up there and it's very impolite to intrude.  It is NEVER ok to fly or teleport up and enter the private place belonging to a land owner unless the land owner has given you express permission to do so! Express permission means that he/she has TPed you in personally or has given you the LM with long standing  permission to come and go any time you choose.

~L~ Security systems are allowed. Please do not allow security to cover the entire parcel. This is in effect the same as putting up ban lines and ruins the effect of the fantasy environment. Security systems may be placed around your houses. Residents are asked to please be sure the range of the security does not go further than 2 meters from the building they live in and does not extend beyond the boundaries of their parcel. The only exception to this is if the security system is protecting your private place in the sky, in which case, be sure that it does not leave the boundaries of your parcel. If you have a public path or water way cutting through one end of your property, then please be sure that the security does not block that section of the path or waterway. Residents please set the warning to 30 seconds or more. This gives a person ample time to vacate the area. PARCEL BAN LINES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!! Residents can ban specific people by name in the about land of their parcel. Please set your security system to push or eject only (NOT send home from the sim). We'd rather visitors weren't sent home for their trouble, unless of course they are trouble makers in general.

~M~ All members of the Alurel family can rez objects in the common land. Please use some consideration when doing this. Clean up after yourself. Unless you have permission from Aianna Oh to leave a specific thing out, do not leave your objects lying all over the kingdom.

3) Residents

~A~ Builds are to be fantasy! Anything that is Medieval or before is allowed, and of course pure fantasy structures. Please use some common sense when choosing/building your home. Victorian era houses are lovely but they hardly fit in the fantasy theme of Alurel. Because we are a fantasy kingdom it will not be unheard of to find the occasional build floating in the air so long as it's tasteful and clearly magical. Just a plain castle floating by itself is pushing it. But a castle floating on a cloud or on a jagged piece of land that looks as though it has been scooped up out of the earth is another thing. Clearly magic put them up there :). If you wish to have castles floating like that, put them up 50 m or more on the edges of the sim, 75 m or more if closer to the center of the sim (depending on the size of the object). That enhances the look of magic and doesn't block the view of the landscape for those walking on the ground. Ruins are very welcome! I believe they add a great deal of character to any landscape. If you wish to have some sort of modern build, then you may so long as it is more than 525 m above the ground. Anything below 525 meters MUST be in theme!

~B~ Many residents choose to have a private place in the sky. This is of course allowed. But please be sure of where your neighbor's is. There are only so many plots on the sim and there are 4096 meters of heights to choose from. If you fly to the height you want your home, turn your DD to 128 and you see the the private place of one of your neighbors at your level, below you or above you, then you need to choose another height. This helps to keep our private places PRIVATE!

~C~ There will be no shops as yet. For now, Alurel is only two sims. When we expand to multiple sims, then I will add a market. A pub or small tavern is ok.

~D~ Please no monoliths and super high towers on a sim where others are living. While it may look very cool to you, it breaks up the skyline for others. When we are able to add homestead sims for people to rent whole, then if you wish to put a single tall object like that, then do so. A single tall tower (such as the Ivory Tower out of "Never Ending Story") would not look out of place on an island like that and not break up the skyline for all of your neighbors. If you MUST put such a tower on your homestead, please give it some features. Just a plain, featureless monolith is unattractive and I cannot allow. If you have ever actually seen Never Ending Story then you will know what i mean by add some features to it.

~E~ Please try to make the transition between your plot of land and your neighbor's as smooth as possible in both terraforming and builds. This is a responsibility of ALL residents. Cooperate and keep the land beautiful. Try not to get too crazy with your terraforming. Making steps in the land can look more than a little tacky. Raising up a steep hill right up against your property line looks very unnatural.

~F~ Please don't go crazy on the height of your build. Tall, natural looking, WELL BUILT tree houses are fine. Keep as many trees/bushes on your land as you can and not eat your prims too badly. All of the trees, with a few exceptions, change with the seasons and are only two prims each. You can keep these on your land or return them and put your own up, but please keep quality in mind. Linden trees are abominable. PLEASE don't use them :/.

~G~ Please keep all buildings at least 4 meters or more from the edge of your parcel. (for all parcels 2048 sq m or larger)

~H~ Please do not use fences, walls, etc around your plot as they break up the natural feel of the forest!

~I~ Do not allow any of your objects to cross your property line unless you and your neighbor cooperate in a specific build. But if your neighbor moves then you will be responsible for moving your objects back until they are fully within your own parcel.

~J~ Keep in mind while building that people may be passing through in some sort of vehicle, be it a horse, a boat, or some other magical conveyance. If you have used up every single prim on your land, these people will be unable to pass through. You are not required to leave some prims free, but if you can, by all means do so.

~K~ Do not take weeks to build on your land. Construction is an eyesore. If you think that it will take you ages to build your home due to lack of time in SL, then rez a building platform in the sky 525 meters or higher up and build it up there then move it down when finished. If building on the land, try not to take more than 3 days to make your plot look respectable!

~L~ Please be tasteful in your builds. Some will choose to buy structures from others and some may choose to build their own. Look it over before you buy. There are a great many sloppy builders selling their wares. Take some pride in your land and in your community. Though it may sound prudish of me, I DO insist on QUALITY builds and decorations, including the vegetation, on your land! Keep it up to the standards of the rest of Alurel and we'll have no problems. You would not have wanted to live here if Alurel looked other than it does.

~M~ Residents may terraform on their land within reason. Please do not mess with the natural water ways and ponds of our land without permission of Aianna Oh. If you live at the sim edge and there is ocean beyond, please do not raise the land until it's all flat along the edge of the sim. It looks very unnatural. Some sims will be more mountainous than others. Please do not raise freakish mountain peaks on your parcel that will blot out the skyline for others. Likewise if you live on a mountainous sim, try not to lower the mountains too very much. Do not surround your parcel with water. A moat around larger castles is fine, but I don't want the land to be turned into a series of little square islands. That's something that mainlanders do and is not welcome or natural looking in Alurel. Use some common sense when terraforming your land. Do NOT flatten it like a steamroller went over it! That is hardly natural! I reserve the right to edit the land in order to keep the landscape in theme with the rest of the sim.

~N~ Please have no more than one object that rezzes temp rez objects on your land if your parcel is 2048 sq m or smaller. 4096 sq m may have 2. 6144 sq m may have 3. You can see where this is going. I know that sounds harsh, but this will cut down on the lag tremendously. Temp rez buildings are NOT allowed. Any temp rez object that is designed to allow you to go beyond your prim allowance will be returned without notice.

~O~ Please be considerate in your use of scripts. Scripts are important, I know. SL would be dull without them :). But some scripts cause incredible lag. If I notice that a specific script is lagging the entire sim, I will ask you to please remove it. If the situation becomes serious and you are not online to deal with it, then I will return it to you and leave you a notecard explaining what happened.

~P~ I know that breedable animals are one of the biggest crazes in Secondlife at the moment. They are also very laggy. You live in a fantasy sim, which by definition means some lag. To bring magic for all of us and our visitors and guests to enjoy, we use a lot of scripts as it is. Even not moving, these animals cause lag! Different "breeds" from different vendors cause different amounts of lag. It has become necessary for me to regulate how many animals may be kept and where and how they may be kept. For some time Alurel became a ghost town and I have learned that part of the reason was the animals themselves and people's belief in their lag causing abilities. The guidelines for breedable animals in sim will be as follows:
    a.)  You may have two breedable animals per every 2048 sq m of property that you own. I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But when you think that there are several other residents here, a massive amount of scripts already in this sim and the grid itself is not exactly stable.
There are very inexpensive places you can rent on mainland if your sole goal is to breed them for babies to sell. Let the mainlanders suffer with lag :).

    b.) NO chickens, turtles, etc that hatch when you are not around, especially as many of you are not around for days at a time at times. The bunnies, horses, cats, etc, have baskets and such that you have to start the birth for and that's fine. At least it doesn't give birth to a living, moving creature that will lag the sim more until you come and pick it up.

    c.) Like in our builds, please have some taste about what you keep on the ground. For example, the Ozimal bunnies are cute and very realistic looking. The Meeroos are very well made and magical looking and the least laggy breedable there is. But the Amaretto horse...I'm sorry My Little Pony dolls looked more real when I was a kid...keep them in a skybox.

    d.) NO HOVERING TEXT! That goes for all breedable animals and their accessories. There is no need to have hover text over all of them when you can click on them to get the information you need. The hovering text seriously detracts from the beauty of the sim.

~Q~ The Alurel Rangers are here ONLY to handle griefers. Every sim gets them, no matter how nice, as we all know. Though you can eject and ban from your own plot, Rangers are able to eject and ban across all the sims. We don't want the griefer who is bothering you to go around bothering others here. If being griefed then please open the Alurel Family group chat and call for a Ranger. Give the Ranger a notecard of the the confrontation including a copy (ctrl c) and pasted (ctrl v) account of your discussion with the griefer in local chat.

4) Buying, Selling and Setting Up Land

~A~ You can find land for sale in Alurel by opening the world map, be sure you have the "land for sale" box checked. All land for sale will appear in yellow.
    * Double click a yellow section to tp to it and get more details.
    * When you find the land you wish to buy, right click the ground, click About Land, and navigate to the General tab.
        * Click "Buy Land."
    * Be sure to check the box that says you agree to the covenant. (read through ALL of the covenant!!!)
    * IM me if you have bought land and I will add you to the Alurel Family group.

~B~ As soon as you have bought your land, find your tier meter and pay your first month's tier. Tier meters will be found in pavilion near the center of the sim just to the East of the central lake and ballroom.

~C~ If you have bought more than one plot, please bring it to my attention so that combine the tier meters. This way you won't be paying more than one tier meter. Please also keep in mind that if I don't currently have a plot small enough for your needs, i can slice an existing plot to be small enough for your needs!

~D~ Prims and Tier (please keep in mind that I have set prices for land that is my preference. Residents selling their parcel can set the price to whatever they wish, so long as they understand that if they set the price too high, it's likely no one will buy it). You do NOT have to be a premium member to own land in Alurel! The basic rate of tier in Alurel is:

L$850 per month (4 weeks) per 512 sq m.

The smallest parcel that you can buy in Alurel is 1024 sq m. The following are the plot prices (this is subject to change if and when LL changes their tier prices):

    * 1024 sq m
      234 prims
      Standard price to buy: L$800
      Tier: L$1700/4 weeks
    *  2048 sq m
        468 prims
        Standard price to buy: L$1500
        Tier: L$3400/4 weeks
    *  4096 sq m
        937 prims
        Standard price to buy: L$3000
        Tier: L$6800/4 weeks
    *  6144 sq m
        1406 prims
        Standard price to buy: L$5000
        Tier: L$10200/4 weeks
    *  Full Homestead Sim (if available)
        3750 prims
        Standard Price: L$18000
        Tier: L$36000

    There are of course often plots in between those standard sizes. I do NOT allow plots larger than 6144 sq m. on the mainland of Alurel. I have learned the hard way that letting residents have more than that is a very bad idea. If you want the equivalent of 1/4 of a sim then talk to me about a Homestead Sim. NO exceptions!!!

~E~ Please pay a full months tier (in sl that is four weeks) or more. The tier balls are set to be able to allow payment of up to 24 weeks at a time. This was at specific request of some of my long term residents who wished to be able to pay 6 months at a time. This is allowed. There is no excuse for allowing your tier meter to go into arrears. If you are going out of town in rl then fill it up enough to last the time that you will be gone. Since you are allowed to pay so much in advance THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!!! This is NOT negotiable and failure to read through the covenant so that you can see this is not my problem. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but allow to pay so much in advance is a risk on my part. You may choose to pay as many months in advance as you wish, up to 6 months, or as little as 1 month. The choice is entirely yours. But if you change your mind and wish to move, that is not my problem. We're all generally happy and peaceful and I don't foresee you wanting to leave, but sometimes it happens, so you are forewarned.


~G~ As SOON as you buy your plot, go to About Land/Parcel Details, go to the Options tab and uncheck build/create objects for ALL USERS. This will keep griefers from rezzing on your land and so keep the threat of that type of griefing nullified for all residents in Alurel. Only family members can rez in Alurel Kingdom. As such, it's not really necessary to turn off object entry or scripts. Turning off object entry stops the Intan couples dance pose balls which you can call up from tall, thin mushrooms placed all over the sim from crossing your parcel into other parcels. It stops boats from passing through your part of the river, effectively blocking the river system which is already specifically not allowed, and if you are wanting snow on your parcel, it will stop that too. The snow system is temp rez and so will not use prims on your land. Turning off scripts will cause wings to stop working and various other person magical things that make us what we are, creatures of magic. Let's have a little trust for each other :). Physical griefing in this sim from outside forces is already not possible as only family members can rez in this sim, so relax a little :).

~H~ You may sell your plot if you are planning to move. You are not required to use my prices. You may charge more or less as you wish. You are responsible for paying your tier until your plot is sold. If you can no longer afford to pay then you can of course pull out and I will take the plot over. If this happens, you will NOT receive any compensation. I am not responsible for your failure to be able to pay tier. If you own a Homestead sim with me then I MUST be given a month's warning if you plan to leave. LL has serious consequences for sim owners who can't pay their tier, such as permanently banning the person who owned it. I MUST be given a month's warning before you give up a homestead. If I am not give that month's warning and I lose my account, I have no issues with bringing a lawsuit against you as you agreed to this covenant before you moved in.

~I~ If a plot opens up next to you and you wish to buy it then do! If you deed it to your group then the prims of both parcels will be joined. I can even link the two parcels up to make them one parcel for you if that is your preference. If you wish to move to another sim or parcel in Alurel that is "owned" by me, then I will be happy to just move you over to the new parcel without fee. If the parcel is larger than the one you have then there will of course be a fee for the cost of the extra land and your tier will go up. This does not apply if you are buying the parcel from another resident. If the parcel you want belongs to another resident then you must pay their fee and put up your land for sale. You are responsible for the tier of that land until you sell it or abandon it to me.

~J~ I retain the right to repossess the land without compensation if you are unable to pay tier. There are no excuses. If you are going out of town, you had better check your tier meter to be sure you are paid up enough for the time you will be gone. The only time I will overlook this is if you have been injured and hospitalized unexpectedly in rl. If I have already repossessed your land and returned you things, if you can prove to me that you were honestly and unexpectedly indisposed then I will set up another parcel for you if there is one available.

~K~ Tier meters can be set so that a partner can also pay tier for your land. Just IM me and I will take care of it.

~L~ I also retain the right to repossess your land without compensation, after a minimum of three warnings, if you continuously and blatantly fail to comply with the covenant of Alurel. This includes disturbing the peace of Alurel with unnecessary, repeated drama and general trouble making. I don't have an itchy ban finger. I give a lot of chances and am very forgiving. But I CAN be pushed too far.


I know this looks like a lot but it's not too bad really lol. Most of this is based on respect for yourselves and other people. We are a family, a community. Have pride in your community!

If you have any issues, leave me an IM AND a notecard. The IM should reach me in my personal e-mail and if I am able, I will handle it. I ask for a notecard if the situation is not urgent so that I will have it to deal with when I come in world (never know if my messages may be capped). You may also reach me at:

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh
Lady of Alurel

"Come away oh human child
To the waters and the wild
With a faerie hand in hand
For the world's more full of weeping
Than you can understand"
  ~W.B. Yeats "The Stolen Child"

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