I am the Lady of Alurel, and I welcome ALL to my shores. Poet and story teller, Alurel was first born in my imagination as an elvish kingdom hidden away from the wild world, full of peace and prosperity in a book I am currently writing. That is what I wish for Alurel to become here in Second Life. Here Alurel started as a small 4096 sq m plot where my friends and family could gather in peace and harmony and generally have fun and relax together. Just because we have grown, does not mean we must stop being a family! We are a happy community built upon respect for one another and for our undying love of fantasy. No one person here is any more important than any other, not even the Lady of Alurel herself! Elf, faerie, human, furry, modern, cyber, fantasy...all are welcome here. Respect is the key in our community. Respect others for who they are and the look they have chosen for themselves, no matter what that look may be, and you'll receive the same respect in return.
   If you have any questions at all, IM me and I will answer you as soon as may be. If I am offline, then send a notecard just in case my messages get capped. You can also reach me at:


Love and Light,

Aiánna Ferúviál
Lady of Alurel

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