SHACK sells a good variety of items for fantasy and role play apparel. Firefox Fonda is very talented and is making good use of the tattoo layers now available in viewer 2. I would recommend you take your time to explore all that SHACK offers. However, for the purpose of this blog post I will be focusing on the two sections she has that most appeal to the fantasy shopper, Silks and Gowns.

Her silks are very popular with our Fae and with good reason. SHACK has a ton of silks in a wonderful variety and each style has quite a few colors to choose from everything from pastels and brights to deep jewel tones. I am convinced if you have not found silks you like anywhere else there will be something here that strikes your fancy. While she has many that resemble the style of silks that I have seen most commonly she also has quite a few that are more Turkish or Indian in there look and of course a lot in between. If you don’t have a set of silks you like you might want to stop by SHACK and take a look, you never know where the Fairies will start dancing.

Firefox Fonda does just as good of a job in creating variety and options in her gowns as she does in her silks. You can find something for just about any look and many of the gowns have the versatility of layering pieces for a variety of looks for whatever occasion or weather you may be dressing for. Her looks range from the very medieval to renaissance and ever a little Victorian with a good bit of fantasy and whimsy worked in. Again here you can see how wonderful texture take a good styled piece and kick it up a bit. A few of her gowns are more Gorean as the majority of her work leans in that direction however, she has made all of her dresses very versatile and if that is not the look you want the same dresses can be worn without the veil and they are simply a stunning gown as her add pictures show.

Come by explore the whole shop I am sure you will see something that you love.

Visit *^SHACK^* in world

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