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Azriel Demain the creator of FallnAngel Creations sells a lot. As I walked around his shop it seemed to me that one post would not do what he offers justice and so I think I will have to break it up into several and focus in parts on all that he offers starting today with something we have yet to cover in our merchant post: Avatar appearance.

The Sanitarium where you teleport for avatar shopping is appropriately creepy and is worth mentioning. The place is rundown and institutional with both staff and patients portraits on the walls one blank one simply labeled escaped. You can use the Teleport board or click on of the boxes for LMs to get around but for the full experience I recommend walking and exploring as you leave the lobby the sounds change for wind induced creaking to screams of the tormented. If you go immediately upstairs you will find his hair offerings.
FallnAngel Creations’ hair comes in a huge variety of unusual, fantastic colors and styles. If you want a particular look for your avatar and are not finding it at the usual hair stores try here and play with his demos. They are free and like all hair purchases they will give you a good idea of how it will look on you and how it moves.
His skins have an amazing variety particularly in the feline skins I saw many with markings more common in house cats than feral. One offering which I loved was sock and glove layers that add paw pads to your hands and feet which were simply adorable. He does offer some of the spots and things as tattoo clothing layers so you can pick a skin of your liking and simply add a more feline look to it. There are also extensive body piercings and more regular tattoo offered in this way as well. Many of the stripes and spots are in viewer 2 layers as well. In the skin area you will also find cat ears and tails to match the skins FallnAngel Creations offers as well as elf and fae ears, again, in a few different styles.
You will also find some very nice skin for the dead among us or those with more colorful than usual with some fun make up options. But what I thought he did best were skins for the much more decomposed.
You can pick up full avatars also, male and female vampires, gypsies, merfolk, fae, and elves, even geisha.

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