For this tutorial I am using the emerald viewer which is still modeled after the old sl viewer. Some of the pictures maybe harder to see you can click on any of them to see a larger image. The first picture shows the bottom left of the screen. You can't see my mouse, but it is hovering over the "communicate" button, thus you see the hovering tip in white.
Click that "communicate" button and open this window, which is currently open on local chat. What you see now is the hover tip that shows that the mouse is hover over the "Contacts" tab in the lower left corner of the communication window.
Click the "Contacts" tab. This will show your friends list. In the screenshot below you will see three tabs at the top. Only two you need to concern yourself with, the third tab is something that is associated only with the Emerald viewer. You will notice that the middle tab, "Groups" is lighter than the rest (or highlighted). That is because my mouse is over it and there is another hovering tips near it.

Now click the "Groups" tab. Now you see your groups list. The word "none" is in bold because I have no group activated right now. I have left clicked the Alurel Family group to highlight it and am hovering my mouse over the "Activate" button on the right of the communication window.
Click the "Activate" button. You will now have a tag above your name in world associated with the Alurel Family group. If you wish to rez items in public land in Alurel you must have this group activated. This does not, of course, hold true for your own parcel of land in Alurel. I am hovering my mouse over the "Info" button.
Click the "Info" button. It will open the Alurel Family group information window. The window opens automatically on the general tab. Here you can read the group charter and see full list of names of who is in the group and when they were last online, among other things. I am hovering my mouse over the "Members and Roles" tab.
Clicked the "Members and Roles" tab. You will now see three new tabs. "Members", "Roles", and "Abilities." I am hovering my mouse over the "Roles" tab.
Click the "Roles" tab. Here you will see all ten available roles. They are listed alphabetically. Beside them is the title of the role. It's that title that you will see above your name. Such as, beside the "Owner" role you will see ⁂Lady of Alurel⁂. It is ⁂Lady of Alurel⁂ that will show above my name when I have that role activated. Look at the whole page. You will also see a description of what each role is for, which will make it easier to see if you fit in that role. Remember, a lot of people change what they are often, so it's ok to change your role often. Everyone is in all of the roles except for the officer and owner roles.
Notice that I am hovering my mouse over the "General" tab at the top left of the window...we're not done yet.
I have clicked the "General" tab and am now back on that very first page that opened when i first opened the group information page. This is the page where you change which role/title you wear. Beneath the list of names of people in the group, on the lower right of the screen, is some writing that says "My Active Title". There is a drop list there. Click that arrow, as you can see I have done, and you will see 8 titles that you can choose from. Once you are done choosing your title, simply click the ok button at the bottom of the group info window and you are done. You can change your title to reflect whatever you choose to be on any given day, so have fun with it! :))

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    Useful stuff for those of us who haven't yet used the other viewer.

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