This tutorial is intended to help those in the Alurel Group to find and set their roles in world but the general instructions will work for any group you maybe in.

Viewer 2’s set up is a little differently than the older viewers as I am sure many have noticed. On the right hand side of your screen you have your sidebar. Toggle it open and go the “People” tab as shown below.
From there you will want to view your Groups so select the “My Groups” tab at the top of the sidebar. As pictured here.
You will now see all of your groups listed below. If you mouse over them you will get two buttons that pop up on the side. One is the information “i” and the other is a little arrow. Clicking on the arrow will bring up that groups page in your sidebar.
Once in the Alurel Family group page it will look like this, and hopefully it’s something you are familiar with.
At the bottom of this page is a “collapsed” section that is called simply “roles” you will want to bring up that section.
Take a look through here; you will see the list of roles that are in the group. When you click on one it will give you the full description of who would be included in the group. Read through them find the one or ones you like. Many people have many different outfits and forms that will put you in different roles just make yourself familiar with what we have.
When you know what title you would like to wear you can go back to the “General” section and under the group description and list of members you will find a “Me” section with a role drop down box. Simply click it and then select your role and your title will change to the one for the selected role.

Please use and enjoy!

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