There are 10 roles available to each group, at current we have two groups and as we add more races to our family we will add more roles to the second group. In each group there are three indispensable base roles: Owner, Officer, and Everyone.

The Owner role: Aianna Oh, Lady of Alurel.

The Officers role: This is the Alurel Counsel. These are trusted, long standing members of the family who can invite new members to the group and help out when the Lady of Alurel is not present.

The Everyone role: SL will not even allow for the description of this group to be changed. Everyone in the group goes into this role. We have called it Alurel A'maelamin. This means "My BelovĂ©d" or "loved one" in Tolkien Elvish.

The other 6 roles are:

  • Animal-like Beings: Given the title "Beast of Alurel" this group includes quadrupeds, pure and simple. Creatures of fur, tooth and claw, of a fantasy nature or not.
  • Assorted Beings: This group is perhaps our broadest category, second to the "Everyone" role. Since we only have ten roles we can use, this role is for all of those beings whom we were unable to fit in a category for. If you can't find ye place in any of the other roles, feel free to wear the "Gypsy of Alurel" title until the problem is resolved.
  • Dragons: All ye of dragon blood belong here, no matter your size or nature. Some are small, some nearly are large as a mountain, some winged and others not, many have bipedal forms. Here is where you belong. Welcome "Wyverns of Alurel."
  • Elves: There are many kinds of elves and ye all belong here, be ye sylvan elves, high elves, small wood elves, the dark drow or night elves, yes even the half elven, please wear your "Elf of Alurel" title well, though if ye be half, ye may also choose your other blood.
  • Faeries: Ah the beautiful, ageless "Fae of Alurel". Ye need not have wings to fit into this class, no. nymphs and fae in their many forms also have their place here, and welcome.
  • Merfolk: All creatures of the sea...mermaids, mermen, fish, crustaceans, and many many more, of a fantasy nature or not are gifted with the title "Mer of Alurel"

For those of you who are newer to Second Life and may need help finding and changing your titles in world here are some tutorials.

Tutorial for Old Viewers

Tutorial for Viewer 2

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