Taken in the Garden of Stone on the main Alurel sim

   Remember, anyone can submit a photo taken in Alurel to be posted here on the blog. This one was taken by me when I first finished the build :).

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   This week we are taking you to Happy Mood, some of the most beautiful landscaping items to be found in Second Life, created by Sasaya Kayo!

HPMD Landing Zone
   You will notice as we walk through this wonderful store and sim that you will have seen many of Sasaya's creations in Alurel. One of her ground cover plants, the Sweet Grass 05 Green, can be seen spreading across the entire sim!

Walking across the bridge into the store area itself

   Nearly every thing you see on the Happy Mood sim is for sale in the store section of the sim, from wonderfully detailed ground cover plants and bushes, to magically beautiful trees.

Some examples of HPMD floral ground covers in their various color options

   Happy Mood landscaping items come in a variety of color options per type. If there is something you see that is close to what you are looking for, Sasaya is quite willing to listen to suggestions, though whether she will try it depends on the practicality of the suggestion. She is very approachable for any kind of problem with her creations and receptive to requests!

I'm sure you've seen THESE absolutely adorable guys all over sl!

   Happy Mood is not just for trees and bushes. You can also find both animated and static animals that will capture your heart at first glance.

There is a forest area of the Happy Mood sim that showcases Sasaya's creations

   You will even find very fantasy type items such as giant leaves, magic dust to float on ponds or lakes, tree and other plant color options that range outside of what you would normally see in nature. Regardless of their color, they are all beautifully textured!

You'll find these giant leaves here and there around Alurel as well

   All in all, Happy Mood is more than worth your time to visit, not only to buy these wonderful landscaping items, but also to explore the beautiful forest area that showcases the possibilities of how Sasaya's creations can be used.

Which way to go?

   If you lose your way, there is no shortage of signs to point the direction for you! (Not to mention all the cute critters waiting around the corners.)

That way!

   The beautiful textures of the Happy Mood landscaping items attract a great deal of interest from all over Second Life. You can see Sasaya's creations in many sims, including in Alurel. Her newest items, such as the rocks you see the in above picture, will be making their appearances soon in our kingdom!

Tweet tweet?

   Some of the items at Happy Mood, such as this log, can be bought in more than one seasonal arrangement. And her little tweeting birds fit in all seasons!

Such natural looking forest undergrowth!

   You will need a mesh viewer to be able to see most of the items in Happy Mood, though some of her items are also available in sculpted form. Sasaya has done a beautiful job creating her trees and undergrowth to be as natural looking as possible, even those items that have a hint of fantasy in their nature.

Undergrowth, trees, giant leaves and rocks....oh my!

   Upon discovering Happy Mood, it became one of my ambitions to use Sasaya's creations to help me create a more beautiful Alurel. Though most of her items do not change with the seasons, I don't believe they will look out of place. After all, anything is possible in Faerie Land!

Heading over the bridge into the Happy Mood forest from the landing point.

   Be sure to visit Happy Mood soon! You truly cannot go wrong in creating the perfect fantasy paradise with her incredible landscaping items!

Happy Mood trees in Alurel

   You will see more items from Happy Mood, such as trees, bushes, ground cover, etc, in the newly rebuilt Alurian Sea (currently called Alurian Haven). I hope to add more across both sims when time and funding allows :).

   In the mean time, happy shopping at Happy Mood!

   Love and Light,
      Aiánna Ferúviál
         Lady of Alurel

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   As Samhain (Halloween to you non-magical folk) approaches, the Veil between the worlds grows thin. In fact it's already so thin that some of the smallest ghosts you've ever seen have popped through into our kingdom!

   The little spooks have been seen popping in and out of sight all across the land! But they haven't come empty handed!

   If your quick enough and click fast enough, each ghost will give you one of 37 goodies they brought with them from the other side!

   But there's a catch! Each ghost will only give one prize per person, per hour. Greedy little things aren't they! Can you get all the prizes?

   Twelve little ghosts (I think they must have been gnomes in their past lives, they're so small!) have been spotted moving around, fading in and out in both Alurel and in Alurian Sea, making for a total of 24 ghosts. That's 24 potential prizes per hour if you manage to tag them all. They're very fast and you must be close to them when you grab them, so you must be patient! The gifts are given randomly. That means sometimes they might give you a repeat gift, just to be spiteful and withhold their other goodies. How mean!

   Don't worry, Alurel residents, I put anti-ghost charms on all of the houses as soon as the little pests were spotted. Your houses should be ghost free!

   This event is running from October 4 to November 1st.

   Happy Hunting!
     Love and Light,
       Aiánna Ferúviál
          Lady of Alurel

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   This week we are looking at Son!na Luxury Fashion, created by Sonia (sonia28.jie). Sonia has a wonderfully creative approach to formal and semi formal clothing that can be worn as easily by elves and fae as they can be worn by those who prefer a more modern form of dress.

Son!a katia fairy dress bronze sky

    Along with gowns that were made expressly for fantasy purposes, such as the Son!a katia fairy dress above, there are several gowns that can easily be worn for any occasion.

Son!a Salia Dress Lime

   Sonia is moving into using mesh in many of her gowns now, such as the mesh panel in the Son!a Salia Dress Lime above and the Son!a Yola Dress Candy below, two of her newest creations.

Son!a Yola Dress Candy

   Along with her formal and fantasy gowns, Sonia has also expanded recently to creating very modern forms of mesh clothing, for those modern elves, fae and human, such as the Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango and Son!a Rina mesh pants gold below.

Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango
Son!a Rina mesh pants gold

   All in all Son!a Luxury Fashion is full of exotically beautiful clothing and accessories for any walk of life! From casual, modern wear to glorious wedding gowns and everything in between, Son!a Luxury Fashion will help you to create the look you've always dreamed of!

(The following are Son!a store posters, not pictures taken by me)

Son!a Forever Bride wedding dress Cream

Son!a Candles fantasy dress silver teal 


Son!a Diva Pageant Dress Gum
Son!a Joel bridal dress wedding Pure white
Son!a Warrior fantasy dress Red
Son!a Sublime Fantasy Dress Purple
Son!a Passion Bride wedding dress White
Son!a Envy Formal dress Golden

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