The Curious Prim offers the creations of Grey Kurka. He sells furnishings, décor and housing. The Shop is small and does not contain nearly half of what he has to off but does give you a good idea of what it is, as well as a TP to where he has them rezed in world so you can explore the buildings and see the furnishings first hand.
He sells some really cute little display vehicles; a sailing ship, an air ship and a horse drawn sleigh minus the horses. These are all very beautiful and really help to set the tone for a plot. I am wondering if we can manage to squeeze that air ship on to Spring Fall Eminence at the moment.

You need to visit his items in world to really appreciate their beauty. For those with a little bit more room and prims to play with The Manor house is exquisite. A quirky mix or Georgian and Victorian architecture with both feet in medieval styles this house will fit nicely in a fantasy or steampunk or even as a well persevered historical building in a modern setting.
Inside you will find his furniture offerings. They are all lovely and fit the house well, and of course could be happy in many other locations as well. There are two pieces in particular that I wanted to highlight: the harpsichord and the antique trunk.

The harpsichord is just as appealing to look at as everything else Grey Kurka has created but what I particularly loved about it was the animations. When you sit on the bench you play the instrument and the animations are very smooth and realistic. It also has a touch menu to determine the speed at which you are playing. I really wish I could have gotten a video to post for you but all I can say is go try it out. There is also a child size version for sale to encourage the culture of your little princess.
The trunk is on display in both the shop itself and in the manor house. I also really enjoyed the scripted animations on this one. Once open if you sit on the trunk you will rummage though the trunk, also a very good animation.
For those looking for something a little smaller to live in there are two wonderful options here as well. A beautiful gypsy car and a medieval tent both of which though different in appearance evoke a more relaxed and care free lifestyle that might just fit what you are looking for.
One final piece to highlight is something that, at least for those who own land on Alurel, is a very familiar sight. The pavilion in which the payment box is located is one of Grey’s pieces as well. Head over to take a good look at it sometime, which should give you a good idea of how lovely his work is before you head off to see his shop.
The payment pavilion in Alurel

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