We are starting a new event in Alurel!
    As many of you know, I've been a story teller in Alurel for more tan 4 years, though I've mostly retired since Alurel Family acquired a new home in Alurel itself :). At one point in time I read all over sl, my own works and the works of others, full novels, short stories and poetry, in guest spots and weekly events. Since then I've been mostly reading at our festivals and occasionally at literary venues I've been asked to appear in :).

    Recently, however, some of the longer standing family have expressed a wish for me to start reading again and I have spent a long time giving it serious consideration. With our current empty plots, we are lacking funds to have our usual events for some time now. And to be honest....I sort of miss the readings too!

    I would like to announce the beginning of Alurel's Fireside Tales (once called Aianna's Fireside Tales, but this seemed far more appropriate as I am no longer reading all over SL). Alurel's Fireside Tales will consist of short, fantasy stories read live over a stream by me twice a week. The stories may be written by me or (most likely) by some other author. 

    The reason I am reading twice a week instead of once a week is to try to accommodate more than one time zone. One day will be geared toward European times and the other toward American. Readings are generally an hour long, though some short stories CAN carry us past an hour. If the short story is going to be far too long then I will split it up into two readings...which means you'll just have to come back the next week to hear the rest :)).

 Days and Times:
Tuesdays starting at 1 pm slt
Fridays starting at 5 pm slt


    I'm starting the readings with the book "Dreams Underfoot," a collection of short stories written by one of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint. This series of stories are all urban fantasy. They are all set in a city called Newford, which was written to be seen as any city in the world, only if you look closely, there's magic everywhere! Faeries, elves, goblins, all things magical, light and dark, beautiful and ugly, fly, lurk and wander about under our noses if only we know how to look. That is the magic Charles de Lint creates in his tales and these are the tales we shall start with!

    The first story I will be reading from "Dreams Underfoot" is called "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair" and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    So I will see you in Alurel Village on November 29th at 1 pm slt and again on December 2nd at 5pm slt for "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair!"

Love and Light,
Lady Aiánna Ferúviál
Queen of Alurel

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