We are going to be trying to get new content up on the blog more regularly to make it something both beautiful and useful. If you have something you would like to see added please contact Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) or Aiánna Ferúviál (aianna.oh). You can e-mail us at Alurel.Kingdom@gmail.com as well.
One of the things we will be trying to do regualarly is to highlight one image a week. We would Love for you to submit your own images of Alurel and the events and people here for our Wednesday image posts.
We will kick it off with a series of images of Alurel over the last couple years as we celebrate our second anniversary. If you have any images of Alurel from the last two years you would like to share please send them to Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) or Aiánna Ferúviál (aianna.oh) or e-mail them to the address above.
The Ball this weekend will be our next series so get out your cameras and get ready!

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Lady Aiánna Ferúviál
cordially invites you to celebrate the
changing of the seasons
and the turning of the wheel as
Alurel celebrates our Second Anniversary
at the Festival Beltaine Ball
Saturday, April 28th 1-4pm SLT

Though we usually celebrate the coming of each season with a festival spanning anywhere from a 2-7 days, this year we could only afford the Ball. Our sincerest apologies for not bringing the days filled with fun that you've grown accustomed too, but we are also very grateful in these hard times that we were able to bring you at least this one event! :)

This is a FORMAL event, so dress up in your spring finest and join us with Maximilion Kleene, DennyMac and Russell Eponym as we celebrate the coming of Spring as well as the coming of Alurel's 2nd anniversary!

The Bloom of the Year ~ Festival Beltaine

1pm slt - Maximillion Kleene

If music feeds the soul, Maximillion Kleene is the food of the gods. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide many a listener with a virtual buffet of auditory temptations. Max started his music career with formal study of piano at the Royal Conservatory but quickly realized that it was the guitar guys who got the chicks. By 19, he was seriously immersed to the very center of his musical soul in AC/DC and from there branched out to experiment with sounds that range from Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters  to Jason Mraz. Max brings high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life. Oozing charisma and charm, he provides his fans with an hour of musical magic.

2 pm slt - DennyMac

DennyMac has been playing for so long that his callouses have callouses! After years in rock bands breaking windows and eardrums, he's back to his first love, acoustic finger style guitar. Heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Kingston Trio, James Taylor, the Beatles and of course Paul Simon, Larry Carleton, Richie Havens........if you remember these musicians, please for your own sake, don't admit it! But if you want to hear that great style of music, come and listen. I will make you smile :-). Maybe even LOL

3 pm slt - Russell Eponym

"The Music Whisperer", Russell Eponym is one of the first live musicians in Second Life and has performed in most of the major venues. Primarily influenced by the British and European folk tradition, His unique sound is characterized by meticulous finger picking guitar style, soft lulling voice and charming British stage presence.

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