EarthStones Jewelry main store

When you first walk into EarthStones, you have the impression of walking into an old country lodge, the type where the whole village would gather in the winter to tell stories or to trade.
The name of her shop is very descriptive for what she does. Her jewelry is very down to earth, very much like something modern day pagans would wear and quite often something that could have been plucked off of the neck of an elvish lord or lady.

Despite the rustic look of the store her work does not cater exclusively to the simplistic designs you would expect. While there are many good casual pieces you will find just as many ornate and formal designs, including wedding jewelry.
Abraxxa Anatine pays a lot of attention to detail in her work and I can only guess that she would know her stones in rl as well as she knows them in sl to make them look so real here. There are many fine pieces here fit for any high born lord or lady down to any simple wood maiden. Even the fae should find something to their liking in this place!
Whatever type of jewelry you are looking for they are likely to have something the fit your taste including some of the less common styles like the foot and bracelet set pictured. So if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary or just right for an ordinary day you are likely to find it here.
The store offers a wider variety of jewelry types and styles as you can see from the teleport board. If you want something specific then take advantage of the board as the store is very large and easy to get lost in if you are not familiar with it. One very cool offering EarthStones has that may strike the fancy of our earthier creatures: Stones Eyes. These are a beautiful take on the stones and gems in the jewelry in iris form. These are stunningly well done.
Just a small sample of the stone eyes EarthStones offers

Take your time and explore the place and be sure to take a look at the bargain loft up stairs you may be able to get more than you were expecting.

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