Tuesday, October 26th, 2010:

3pm - 4pm - Aianna's Fireside Tales - short stories and poetry by Aianna Oh

(This event is held at the Story Pavilion) Teleport Link

Aianna Oh has been telling stories since childhood. She began putting them down on paper by the age of 12, poetry by the age of 8. She wrote her first novel in conjunction with her father at age 15, which turned into a series of 6 books and a 7th offshoot. At the time it was said that "she had the imagination while the old man had the grammar she lacked." Now all grown up and able to express herself with her own words she writes her poetry and short stories as the whim strikes her and is currently starting a new series of novels on her own.

4pm - 5pm - Zachh Cale

Zachh sings songs in a mashup style of pop, classical, soul, jazz and new age. Schooled in classical piano, he later learned to play more by ear, sing in a more soulful manner, and trust his musical "gut."

Now he blends both traditional and popular approaches to composition and performance. The result is a fresh and varied combination of melodies, rhythms, and arrangements which he hopes stimulates both hearts and minds of listeners.

He also writes music for solo piano. Come hear for yourself!

5pm - 6pm - Phemie Alcott

Phemie Alcott started performing in SL in about June of '07. She loved it from the start. A perfect place to hone her solo songwriting skills, it was a perfect match. Before that, Phemie played in bands from high school on including a 4 year stint in a professional alternative rock band that worked fulltime and had a total blast. After acquiring a degree in Music Ed and Voice Performance, Phemie has looked to writing music as a way to fully express her musical passion. She loves the people of SL and their open minded attitudes toward originals. She opened the Firefly in 2008 and features original artists of the highest caliber. She plans to continue to write and sing and play and better herself along the way.

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