We mentioned ealier when we posted the rules for the Alurel in Autumn Photo contest, we are having a festival to celebrate the changes in seasons. We have a ton of things going on. I will update you on the full schedual as well as give you a sneak peak at some of what we have happening for the week a little later. But for now I wanted to tell you what the festival is.
Dates: October 24th - October 31st

Where: All around Alurel

"You are probably used to your typical Halloween gigs around this time of year; many sims are doing them, but we are not your typical sim. We are a fantasy themed, residential sim. But more than that, we are a family! And one day, one of the family said, Lady Aianna, let's have a festival for the Fall! And I said Yes! And here we are, celebrating the turning of the Wheel of the Year.

Autumn is here and we will celebrate it in full style! I have moved through secondlife and brought to you the best of the best of sl's musicians and sprinkled them throughout the week. There are readings of stories and poetry. Spontaneous story tellings where the story teller pulls a story out of thin air and types it out for you as you read. We will even be debuting a brand new singer to sl (brand new to sl, not brand new to singing).

To end the festival, we will have a grand Masquerade ball! This will be a fully formal affair, so find your fanciest clothes for the ball. Find a mask that is unique for you and prepare to dance for three hours to some of the most remarkable sl musicians I could find that were appropriate for a formal ball. Winners to the Alurel in Autumn Photo Contest that has been going on all through October and voted on during the festival will be announced during the Ball!

Between the hunts, the music, the dancing and the tales, I'm sure you will find the week full and satisfying for all of you! And who knows! Maybe you will also find here the home and family you have been searching for throughout your sl life!

Welcome to our home!

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh
Lady of Alurel"

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