What is a competitive hunt? Most of us have been through a standard treasure hunt. SL is full of them. They generally last a week or two during with lots of people come to find all the items.

Now forget all of that.

This hunt will last for one hour only.
Yes there will be many of you hunting the sim over, just like the usual type of hunt.
No, most of you will not find what you are hunting for.


Simple, there are only four prizes. Three silver pumpkins and one golden pumpkin.
Ok so what's stopping a whole bunch of you from finding all four?
They're all NO COPY!!!

Inside the three silver pumpkins are three no copy items, one each, from three different "master" merchants, as I call them. These are people who are incredibly gifted at sculpting, the making of textures and possibly scripting. They came at no small expense.

The Items are:

Silverfall Dragon Shoulder pet from the Order of Avalon

Emergence - a sculpture by Pumpkin Tripsa

The Lover's Tree - Cuddles Only version by DIGS

(These posters will be set up between the Drum Circle and Performance Pavilion in a scale large enough to be easily read along with examples of what the pumpkins look like)

Now, what is in the GOLDEN pumpkin?!

A scroll case.



wow. a scroll case. oooo. *yawn*

Ok I know it doesn't sound exciting does it. So I looked on the market place and found a freebie scroll case that was full perm. I made it no copy, tossed it to a friend who tossed it back and now I have a no copy, freebie scroll case, yay!

Yeah I know. Sounds bad right? So why would I spend so much money on items for those silver pumpkins and put a freebie, now no copy scroll case inside the golden pumpkin?
It's what's inside the scroll case that you want.
Ok, so you get the scroll case out of the pumpkin. But you can't rez in this sim right?

                WEAR IT YOU NUT!

That's right, wear it (maybe have to turn off your ao). Then left click it.

                 I SAID LEFT CLICK NOT EDIT!!

Now you have a window with a number 1 in it.
1 what?
Well click the 1 and find out?!

It's a deed. Yes as in a deed of land. By finding the golden pumpkin, wearing the scrollcase, left clicking it, clicking that number 1 and receiving the notecard deed it contains, you have now won a deed of land in Alurel.

What you may not realize is that Alurel is a Fantasy themed residential sim. That deed you are now holding entitles you to a parcel of land size 2048 sq m or smaller anywhere you choose in the sim for one month free of tier.


As in you may live here on this sim for one month for free. (Be sure to read the deed!)

As such, if you already have a home somewhere in sl that you are perfectly happy with and have no intention of ever leaving then if you find that golden pumpkin, just walk on by and let someone else find it. After all, if you are happy where you are and aren't going to use it, why not let someone else have the fun of finding it?


Alurel residents may hunt for the silver pumpkins, but if you see the golden one, just walk on by and call no attention to it. If i suspect cheating (and I WILL be watching the minimap for people suddenly being teleported to pumpkin locations) then there WILL be consequences.

There is no flying during this hunt! Flight will be turned off! Yes I know it's easy to override. But since I am not hunting, I WILL BE FLYING AND MONITORING THE SKIES TO BE SURE NO ONE IS CHEATING.

It's a game, people, and we're all adults!
Have fun!
You Phoenix viewer people, the pumpkins are not named pumpkin, area search won't work.
You'll never guess WHAT I named them he he he :P~~~

As each pumpkin is found, IM Aianna Oh (that would be me), so that I can call you all back in once they've all been found!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!!

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh

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