Friday, October 29th, 2010:

1pm - 2pm - orangelife Holmer

orangelife Holmer is the nickname of the Portuguese RL musician and songwriter Bruno Santos.

Orangelife plays acoustic guitar and sings covers and originals, of a folk, pop/rock genre, with Staind, Lynrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Metallica and many more influencing his music and vocals. He brings emotion and real feeling into each song. Orangelife says, "The states of mind are revealed by melody, deeply singing the lyric its just the rest of us."

2pm - 3pm - Noma Falta

LEMA awards winner 2009 - BEST FEMALE MUSICIAN IN SL

Winner of Stream scene awards BEST BLUES Musician 2009

Winner of 2010 AMA-Anthology Music Awards for BEST FEMALE ROCK MUSICIAN
Noma Falta is one of the top acts in SL. Noma is a professional musician/singer who has toured the United States and overseas over several decades, slinging guitars and singing music from jazz to soul and rock to blues........ Influenced by many other musicians

( famous and some not so famous ) ------ SOUNDS LIKE NOMA.

A versatile musician with a love of the blues. Rich vocals with soul....Bass that grooves.....

3pm - 4pm - CraigLyons Writer

Craig Lyons is a distinct and passionate singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in Los Angeles, CA. Having released three self-recorded, self-produced solo albums during a period of artistic solitude on the shores of his native Lake Erie, Craig has exploded into LA's independent music scene with the release of his fourth album, 'On Reflection'.

Quickly recognizing the talent of this new artist, Craig’s music has been licensed by Universal Music, Fox TV, MTV, Tokyo TV, and heard on shows such as 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'The Real World'. Craig has been nominated for the LA Music Awards 2 consecutive years and swept 08's Star Music Awards, taking home top honors 'Artist of the Year' and 'Singer/Songwriter of the Year'. Craig has appeared in Music Connection Magazine and can be heard on FM radio (including ClearChannel), independent radio (including WOXY), and college radio (including 92WICB, MTV-U best station '08).

Craig brings an artfully-blended message of sustainability with him at every show. In addition to donating proceeds to Global Green, he broadcasts his events virtually to thousands of fans all over the world. Recently hailed by the LA Times, Billboard, Brand X, Chicago Tribune, and others as “... an introspective independent artist leading the charge in this interactive environment”, Craig is committed to evolving the current music business model.

4pm - 5pm - Caoilte Skytower

Caoilte Skytower (pronounced "Queel-chah") is Irish, Scottish, English and American Folk/Rock, all tied together with his incredible voice and skills on guitar! He has been involved in music for 35 years, performing folk and rock music in RL pubs and cafe's since he was 21. Cao has been active in various renaissance and folk festivals over the years, as well as other events. His voice is relaxing, as described by his fans. This opinion makes him feel honored, as he stated, "The songs I sing mean a lot to me, and it comes across in my delivery." Cao finds it important to truly connect with his audience, making them laugh at his humorous songs, clap along with the drinking songs, sing along with the classics, and even cry at the sad ones.

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