Alurel's movie day this Saturday: October 2nd starting at 4 am slt at the Story Pavilion located on the Loxingly Estate on the Eastern side of the North stream.

Visit Story Pavilion in world

Movie: Krull
Release Date: 29 July 1983 (USA)
Runtime: 121 min (USA)

Yes this is an old one but a favorite of fantasy fans everywhere. Science Fiction meets Fantasy in this classic adventure. Two kingdoms are to unite by marriage and, as is the way with most fantasy stories, it's love at first sight. But the alien invaders steal the bride away during the ceremony, leaving both parents slain and their children the only heirs to their thrones. Now Colwyn must fight to win back Lyssa his bride and save his world from destruction. It's quite an adventure along the way and one well worth seeing!

All show times are in sl time. Please notice there are 22 minutes between when the movie ends and when it begins. so if you arrive a few minutes late, you can still hit play on your viewer and have time to view the entire movie.

The Show Times Are:
4:00am - 6:01am
6:30am - 8:31am
9:00am - 11:01am
11:30am - 1:31pm
2:00pm - 4:01pm
4:30pm - 6:31pm
7:00pm - 9:01pm
9:30pm - 11:31pm

After this it gets hazy. Unless we can find someone who's time zones match it's catch as catch can. the dvd will be placed beside the tv and all you must do is click it and click play from the drop down menu. if someone is already there watching, then you should be able to just click play on your own viewer and it will start to play for you since the movie is already in motion. it's when the movie has ended that it won't start.

Please remember that the movie will not automatically start as soon as you land. You must press play on your viewer for it to work. If you are in viewer 2 and don't know how to play just the media without the music on the land playing at well, then go to preferences and disable music. There is another way and i will put it in when I learn it. Please be sure to have the most current version of Quicktime or the movie may not play for you!!! Try not to be more than 10 minute late. Technically you can be 22 minutes late and catch the whole movie but that is pushing it. rl may interfere and you may have to pause and then you will miss the end of the movie when the show starts.

Movie day is not just for our family members! Feel free to pass this link on to your friends or bring your friends along with you :).

Following weeks movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Release Date: 25 December 2008 (USA)

Runtime: 166 min

As she lay dying in a hospital bed on the eve of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans, an elderly woman asks her daughter Caroline to read from a diary left to her by a man named Benjamin. Born on the same day World War I ended, Benjamin Button's mother died giving birth to him. As a newborn, he was old and wrinkled and his horrified father Thomas Button leaves him on the doorstep of an old folk's home. Benjamin fits in well for, despite his young age, he looked as old as most of the residents. Benjamin soon realizes that he is growing younger, not older however. Early on, he meets the love of his life, Daisy, a beautiful red-haired, green-eyed child who grows into a beautiful woman while Benjamin grows into a handsome young man. Their lives take many different turns and making a life together is long in coming. It also is of limited duration given their ultimately different fates.

This is a drama full of wonder and imagination and though it you can't help but admire the beauty of the human spirit. It will start Saturday, October 9th, first showing at 4 am slt.

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh
Lady of Alurel

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