While you can read through our Schedule to see who is performing for our weeklong festival that seems a little clunky and perhaps unnecessarily time consuming. So I am adding this post as well it is a listing of all of the performers in Alphabetical order by first name with their picture, a brief summary of what they do and a link to their full bio and position in the schedule. That way when you find a performer who looks interesting you can find when they will be performing very simply. I hope this is helpful.

Aianna Oh Also here
 Aianna has been telling stories since childhood. All origanal work some old and some spontanious

 A.M.Forte is a singer/songwriter, with Punk/Rock/Pop flairs, this artist has influences that include, U2, Nirvana, RadioHead, Alanis Morrissette, Coldplay, MCR, AAR, The Cranberries, Our Lady Peace and Elliott Smith.

Beth Odets

her Solo Performances in SL Feature Both Violin/Fiddle AND Guitar/Vocals. She plays/sings Originals and Covers - an eclectic mix that ranges from *Blues to Bluegrass* and from *Mozart to metallica*.

Caoilte Skytower Also here

Caoilte Skytower (pronounced "Queel-chah") is Irish, Scottish, English and American Folk/Rock, all tied together with his incredible voice and skills on guitar!

She plays all your old favorites from America, Eagles, Carol King, Carly Simon, Van Morrison....etc, etc. She knows 2001 tunes, and if she can't do the song you request, she is sure to be able to substitute one you won't be disappointed in.

A founding member of a Rockgrass band called Hayseed-Dixie. He has been onstage with legends such as Keith Urban, Patty Griffin, Kim Richey, Steve Earle, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry, Brooks and Dunn, and many others!

Craig Lyons is a distinct and passionate singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in Los Angeles, CA. Recently hailed by the LA Times, Billboard, Brand X, Chicago Tribune, and others as “... an introspective independent artist leading the charge in this interactive environment”, Craig is committed to evolving the current music business model.

Dee's been playing solo in secondlife for a while now, covering a broad variety of music acoustically, tackling some rather complex arrangments like Classical Gas. Material covered includes Beatles, ELP, Radiohead, Fuel, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, SRV. I do have originals but have not yet worked them in.

Digby Smalls

Digby Smalls was born with a guitar in hand...only way to explain that talent of his. He can rock the house down, make you fall in love or sing you to into sweet dreams. Don't miss this incredible talent!

DirtyDee Sweetwater

He's looking forward to playing some good ole accoustic songs (truely unplugged) for some of the people of Secondlife. He plays his own original music, classic rock.
Rock - Party Music - Metal - 1 Hit Wonders Oldies - Pop - Hiphop  80's - 90's - Grundge

 A pianist and songwriter, Heath gained some influences from some great performers, notably Jim Brickman, Yanni, David Lanz, Billy Joel, Marc Cohen, and Bruce Hornsby. Though some of Heath's playing style could be attributed to these influences, his style is a combination of New Age and Contemporary musical genres that stands on its own.

IAN's performance includes music from both the Jazz and Big Band genres, with much of his repertoire originally published throughout the 1920's, 30's and 40's.
"If you love an authentic vintage sound, a timeless melody, and amazing humor, then this show is for you!"

A British actor and director who also enjoys live reading poetry and stories, scenes from plays and improvised theatre.

With Kat you can count on a vast and genre-blending delivery.

A UK based acoustic singer/songwiter with over 30 years of experience. His writing covers many genres and though he prefers to play from his catalog of over 80 original songs, he'll also cover many songs from the 50's to the present day.

An empowering singer song writer; bringing her straight from the heart originals to you, with a style that has been described as stunning and very much her own. Lexie is an experience not to be missed.

Maximillion Kleene

 Max brings high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life.

Musical Theatre, singer/songwriter & all-around rock star Mercury Madzuko has spent most of his life singing center stage. Influenced by artists as varied as Jethro Tull, Bowie and The Cure he is bringing his latest comedic taste & honest voiced acoustic Alternative music to Alurel!

 award-winning Folk singer and songwriter who enjoys finding and performing the nearly forgotten songs to perserve the culture and lyrical excelence.

A versatile musician with a love of the blues. Rich vocals with soul....Bass that grooves.....

Acoustic jams, electric jams, rockin' full production jams - but you wont hear vocals because his music speaks volumes on its own!

Orangelife plays acoustic guitar and sings covers and originals, of a folk, pop/rock genre, with Staind, Lynrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Metallica and many more influencing his music and vocals.

 Alt Rock, singer, song writer with a passon for the music she makes and performs

Poet, singer, storyteller, a runereader, and a mystic-in-training, with influences ranging from deep mythology and folklore, to high literature and zoology, to Looney Tunes and Muppets.

A lovely British musician who will captivate you from the very first note with her strong, powerful, yet emotional voice. She delivers awesome and moving acoustic covers.

Shannon is a singer/songwriter/ guitar player inspired by the music of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan, Shannon found her musical roots in contemporary folk.

Starrfish Ohmai

With a stellar presence, her voice sultry and smooth, Starrfish Ohmai is pure sweetness with a touch of fun. With several live performances a week, her fan base continues to swell as her cheerful, dreamy, musical landscape serves as a nice break from the monotony of the real world.

Tamra Sands

Chosen as one of the 'Top Ten to watch in 2010' by CDbaby soon after releasing her new CD, "I Believe In The Fire" she has also had starring roles on Broadway.

Electric Violinist, solo-artist, musical director, composer and arranger, whose music covers all styles and influencesfrom Classical, Swing, Jazz, New Age, R&B, Celtic, Bluegrass, and World Folk.

Yilix Nyn has been playing characters for a few years now in different RP settings. A fan of Sherlock Holmes and a reader he enjoys the characters presented in Doyle’s stories. He has agreed to try his hand at the role of at Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes' famous companion.

 Zachh sings songs in a mashup style of pop, classical, soul, jazz and new age. Schooled in classical piano, he later learned to play more by ear, sing in a more soulful manner, and trust his musical "gut."

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