Alurel's movie day this Sunday: October 10th starting at 5 am slt at the Story Pavilion located on the Loxingly Estate on the Eastern side of the North stream.

Visit the Story Pavilion in world

Movie: Cleopatra
Release Date: 23 May 1999 (USA)
Runtime: 174 min

Passion. Power. History.

For over two-thousand years, the legend of the beautiful Queen of the Nile has stirred the imagination. Ascending to the throne at a mere seventeen years of age, Cleopatra (Leonor Varela) ruled as Egypt's last Pharaoh for twenty-two years. Easily winning the heart of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (Timothy Dalton), they embark on a two-month voyage down the Nile and quickly become devoted to each other. She bears him a child whom they call Caesarion.

Keeping a close eye on the relationship, the Roman Senators conspire to assassinate Caesar. His death devastates Cleopatra. In her grief, she turns to Marc Antony (Billy Zane), a Roman she can trust. Their alliance angers Rome even more and war is declared on Egypt. Cleopatra and Marc Antony's fate becomes sealed in each other's arms as the Roman army closes in. Beautifully directed and stunningly photographed, Cleopatra reigns as one of the greatest love stories in history.

All show times are in sl time. Please notice there are only 6 minutes between when the movie ends and when it begins. so MUST be on time if you wish to view the entire movie.

The Show Times Are:

5:00am - 7:54am
8:00am - 10:54am
11:00am - 1:54pm
2:00pm - 4:54pm
5:00pm - 7:54pm
8:00pm - 10:54pm
11:00pm - 1:54am

After this it gets hazy. Unless we can find someone who's time zones match it's catch as catch can. the dvd will be placed beside the tv and all you must do is click it and click play from the drop down menu. if someone is already there watching, then you should be able to just click play on your own viewer and it will start to play for you since the movie is already in motion. it's when the movie has ended that it won't start.

Please remember that the movie will not automatically start as soon as you land. You must press play on your viewer for it to work. If you are in viewer 2 and don't know how to play just the media without the music on the land playing at well, then go to preferences and disable music. There is another way and i will put it in when I learn it. Please be sure to have the most current version of Quicktime or the movie may not play for you!!!

Movie day is not just for our family members! Feel free to link this post to your friends or bring your friends along with you :).

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh
Lady of Alurel

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