We had such a great time with our Festival and I want to say thank you to all the performers, photographers, and general visiters and participants that made it great! And a super huge thanks to Lady Aianna Oh herself who made it all possible with her hard work! If you had a particular event you enjoyed and would like to see again either at future festivals or just generally on sim Please let us know in a comment or let me, Cali Ciaco, know in world. We would love to continue to have events for our friends and family thought the year not just at our festivals and your feed back can help us in planing those as well as in making our next festival even better.

If you or your friends took any pictures of the festival please e-mail them to Alurel.kingdom@gmail.com or send them in world to Cali Ciaco so that we can share them here on the blog.

We would also love to start publishing poems, short stories, or real in world stories about your experiances in Alurel. If you are interested in sharing some of your work here please send it through e-mail or in a note card just as you would the pictures.

As autumn progresses you will start to see bare trees and browning leaves, which we will begin to clear away in preparation for winter. We hope you continue to enjoy the our forest as the chill gets deeper.

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