Today starting at 3pm we will have 3 different amazing musisans performing. For those of you who came to our Fall of the Year ~ Festival Samhain you know just what sort of a treat you are in for.

3pm - 4pm - Zachh Cale

Zachh sings songs in a mashup style of pop, classical, soul, jazz and new age. Schooled in classical piano, he later learned to play more by ear, sing in a more soulful manner, and trust his musical "gut."

Now he blends both traditional and popular approaches to composition and performance. The result is a fresh and varied combination of melodies, rhythms, and arrangements which he hopes stimulates both hearts and minds of listeners.

He also writes music for solo piano. Come hear for yourself!

4pm - 5pm - Moss

Mordewis Greymyst (Moss Bliss IRL) has been playing guitar badly since 1964 and has been known to sing passably. He has written a few award-winning songs (no, not Grammys), but mostly finds and performs rare and/or forgotten songs that are known only to die-hard folk musicians with ears for lyrical excellence. His performances are largely reserved for Science Fiction conventions and Pagan gatherings, where he breaks out the songs he is too embarrassed to play elsewhere. He lives in Sevierville TN USA with his four guitars, two housemates, three snakes, and four cats, and is very happy. He is also Senior Editor for a couple of small ePublishers, a Peer Support Specialist and mental health civil rights activist, and so many other differing endeavors it is hard for him to get around to music.

5pm - 6pm - The Jubilatores (Pavel Snowfield)

The Jubilatores perform medieval music from England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and a few other countries in Europe.

Instruments include: Lute, oud, saz (guitarra Saricina), citol (guitarra latina), rebec, fyddle, psaltry, dulcimer, harp, jaw harp, drums of various types including riq, tar, dumbec, portitive organ, virginals, transverse flutes, recorders, dulcian, reed pipe, symphnoium/organistrum (hurdy gurdy), medieval bell, zills, Tombra mariana, gems horn, and various other instruments.

Come out and enjoy a great show!

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