Please join Alurel and the Aether Chrononauts RFL team on June 2nd, 2012 in a literary event to raise funds for a cure for cancer! Story tellers from all over the world in Second Life have come together to celebrate life by volunteering their time for the Relay for Life cause. You'll hear both original stories and poetry from many genre's by some of SL's finest writers as well as great works of literary classics from performing story tellers!

Event to be held in Alurel's Faerie's Garden.

8 am - Morgue McMillan
9 am - alcibides Zemenis
10 am - Ixmal Supermarine
11 am - Elder Priestman
12 pm - Radegund Bracken
1 pm - Lycanthia Nightwish
2 pm - Jojogun Constantine
3 pm - Lulu Lacrima
4 pm - Synapse Joubert
5 pm - Aianna Oh
6 pm - June Faramore

We would love to see you there and as always take a few pictures and share!

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    Anonymous said...

    So excited about this :D

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