We are going to be trying to get new content up on the blog more regularly to make it something both beautiful and useful. If you have something you would like to see added please contact Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) or Aiánna Ferúviál (aianna.oh). You can e-mail us at Alurel.Kingdom@gmail.com as well.
One of the things we will be trying to do regualarly is to highlight one image a week. We would Love for you to submit your own images of Alurel and the events and people here for our Wednesday image posts.
We will kick it off with a series of images of Alurel over the last couple years as we celebrate our second anniversary. If you have any images of Alurel from the last two years you would like to share please send them to Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) or Aiánna Ferúviál (aianna.oh) or e-mail them to the address above.
The Ball this weekend will be our next series so get out your cameras and get ready!

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