Alurel's movie day this Friday: February 11th starting at 3pm slt  and playing through Sunday, February 13th at the Story Pavilion located on the Loxingly Estate on the Eastern side of the North stream.

Movie: Powder
Release Date: 27 October 1995 (USA)
Runtime: 111 min

When sheriff Barnum investigates the death of an elderly rural resident, he discovers a teenage grandson living in the basement. Raised by his grandparents, he has experienced the world only through books, never leaving the family farm. He is sent to a state home for boys where he has trouble fitting in socially. His odd appearance and unusual abilities cause the small town residents to fear and ridicule him. However, not all are afraid. Some begin to view his potential and gifts with wonderment.
Harassed by classmates who won't accept his shocking appearance, the shy young man known as "Powder" struggles to fit in. But the cruel taunts stop when Powder displays a mysterious power that allows him to do incredible things. This phenomenon changes the lives of all those around him in ways they never could have imagined.

Instructions for playing the movie:

To watch the movie each of you will need to touch the video player box located under the movie screen.

Click the button that has the number 1 on it to open the movie selection menu.

On the movie selection menu click the button that has the number 1 on it. The menu will close automatically and begin playing the movie.

When you have done this please say so in local chat.

The DVD Player can only be used by one person at a time so announcing when you are finished will speed up this process greatly.

Have a seat and enjoy the show.

If the movie isn't playing make sure you have the newest version of Quicktime installed. (Quicktime requires you to restart your computer after installing.)

Also make sure you have enabled streaming media in your viewer and have clicked the play button at the bottom right of the screen. (for Phoenix) and the top right (for Version 2 viewer)

The play button for Phoenix and some other viewers is on the bottom right of your screen next to what looks like a small movie camera. If you are in viewer 2 and don't know how to play just the media without the music on the land playing at well: To play media (movie) only, go to the play/pause icon next to the speaker icon on the top right of your viewer.  Hover the mouse over the icon and select "More" from the menu that comes up. There stop all but "Parcel streaming media" use this to play and pause the movie as well.  Rember though regardless of what you do here the movie will restart when the next show time hits.  So please becarfull not to pause to long.
You MUST have the most current version of Quicktime for media to work!!!

If you teleport out, you will have to start the movie over again when you get back! It's not like a dvd player. You can't pick up where you left off, so unless it's super important, stay put.

Movie day is not just for our family members! Feel free to pass this notecard on to your friends or bring your friends along with you :).

Love and Light,
Lady Aiánna Vrín Ferúviál
Queen of Alurel

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    this movie is really great...i love to watch this in all time...

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