On September 23 at 7 pm SLT, Heath Elvehjem, aka Heath Vercher, will be playing at the Alurel Performance Pavilion.

I have been very proud to call Heath Vercher a good friend of mine for a long time. In my experience He is one of the best new age piano composers I have had the pleasure of listening to both in rl and in sl.
You can hear a sampling of his music and buy his CDs at:

In his own words:
"Heartspark Music was founded on the principle that good music drives people’s lives. The project found its way into existence.

In 2006, when Heath Vercher’s first solo piano release, “Patch Work,” was released, he anticipated the eventual need to create an umbrella under which to release his original work, and with that, Heartspark Music was created.
Since the creation of the label, there have been five original music projects released, and a Christmas album in the winter of 2007. The music is from a combination of influences, including artists such as Yanni and Jim Brickman, coupled with the piano stylings of artists such as Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby, and Marc Cohn.

Music is meant to move people, and we hope that the music you find here at Heartspark Music will do just that. We invite you to listen, explore, and discover music that will touch you, inspire you, and move you to a higher place. Yours in Music, as in Life."

Alurel is very pleased he could play here at long long last. Welcome Heath!

When the concert is finished, feel free to wander around Alurel and see the sights. There are many parcels available for residency, but even if you just want to walk through the beauty of a our fantasy realm you are most welcome to. Any house that has an Alurel Information sign in front of it is empty and can be walked through. All other homes are lived in and may not be entered. All of the grounds are free to be explored. There is even a strange plant on the south side of the lake that when clicked, will rez a leaf that will carry you to the central Isle of Dreams (be sure to head the plant's warning and turn your world to midnight if it is not already dark before you reach the isle or the dreams may blind you).

Above all we wish you to come and dance and be merry. Dance to Heath's beautiful music then stroll through a fantasy land designed for your pleasure!

Love and Light,
Aianna Oh
Lady of Alurel

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