I'm rediculous excited about this. Its my favorate time of year, plus Lady Aianna and I have something in the works for you all. Just a reminder that today starts our Fall Photo Contest. Which I am also excited about. I can't wait to see some of the great pictures we get back from this. If you missed the first posting about this you can find it here.

Also do take note Lady Aianna will be changing the trees to fall colors 1-4 trees at a time each day on each parcel according to the size of the parcel and you have a full month to get your submissions in. So if you wish to wait until there are more fall colors about before you take your shots, that might be a wise idea.

Why not enjoy the new colors with a boat ride? Head over to the boat dock grab a little cruizer and enjoy a ride around our waterways. The rivers through to the lake in the middle are kept clear for boat traffic, so use it and enjoy! TP for boat dock here.

Merry Autumn all!

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