The Tree Cozy was host to its first live event. Caoilte was scheduled to play at 1pm but had some problems with his connection and as a result we were treated to the music of Mercury Madzuko and one song from Saintess Larnia herself until Caoilte was able to get on and set up. All of the performers were wonderful and diverse. Those in attendance, and there were quite a few, were treated to Lady Gaga acoustical mash up and traditional Irish folk.

Mercury, who came as a last minute stand in when Caoilte had trouble getting on, is a Alternative Acoustic Singer/Songwriter. Influenced by artists as varied as Jethro Tull, David Bowie, and The Cure he brought a comedic approach to his music. If you enjoy an open and playful performance with a tongue in cheek approach to music then you will really enjoy his work. You can see more about him and his upcoming shows on the web here. I am looking forward to hearing him play at The Tree Cozy again.

Caoilte did make it and had a wonderful show despite being a little late. If you like Irish Folk then you need to attend one of his performances. This is a man cloaked in Irish musical heritage and he wears it well. His mother, Irish by birth, was a pianist.... she was very good. Her brother, was choir director in Belfast for the 2nd largest Catholic Church. His Dad was a hillbilly cowboy from Missouri, a singer and guitarist. He’s parents met in Newcastle at a dance during WWII. Caoilte grew up in the Irish musical tradition performing from the age of 9 at Highland games and then later in life moving to perform at his local renaissance festival and in December of last year began to play in Second Life as well. His name (pronounced KOOL tcha) is the name of an old Irish hero who was a warrior and a poet. He is also known for his speed as a runner and as the legends go lived to 400 years old so that he could meet St. Patrick.

His music was wonderful it hit the heart of what Irish music is touching on the story pieces and the love songs, the poignant and the laugh out loud funny pub songs, as well as old songs and some newer ones. And each was wonderfully done. I am very much looking forward to his next performance.

I am sure I speak for all who came when I say that both were wonderful and enjoyable and much fun was had by all.

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