As Samhain (Halloween to you non-magical folk) approaches, the Veil between the worlds grows thin. In fact it's already so thin that some of the smallest ghosts you've ever seen have popped through into our kingdom!

   The little spooks have been seen popping in and out of sight all across the land! But they haven't come empty handed!

   If your quick enough and click fast enough, each ghost will give you one of 37 goodies they brought with them from the other side!

   But there's a catch! Each ghost will only give one prize per person, per hour. Greedy little things aren't they! Can you get all the prizes?

   Twelve little ghosts (I think they must have been gnomes in their past lives, they're so small!) have been spotted moving around, fading in and out in both Alurel and in Alurian Sea, making for a total of 24 ghosts. That's 24 potential prizes per hour if you manage to tag them all. They're very fast and you must be close to them when you grab them, so you must be patient! The gifts are given randomly. That means sometimes they might give you a repeat gift, just to be spiteful and withhold their other goodies. How mean!

   Don't worry, Alurel residents, I put anti-ghost charms on all of the houses as soon as the little pests were spotted. Your houses should be ghost free!

   This event is running from October 4 to November 1st.

   Happy Hunting!
     Love and Light,
       Aiánna Ferúviál
          Lady of Alurel

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