Fireside Tales is a bi-weekly event where you will hear short stories read by Aianna Oh to the accompaniment of the truly gifted DennyMac and his guitar. You will not only hear original fantasy stories written by Aianna Oh, but you will also hear short stories from a great many talented authors, from the fairy tales we all enjoyed as children to more grown up (no not THAT grown up!) fantasy tales.

     This week's tale is The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson! No, this is not the Disney version! This is the tale as Anderson originally wrote it. If any of you have ever read the old fairy tales as they were originally written, you know that they can be quite dark.

  Join us on Sunday June 24th at 11 AM SLT as we follow the little mermaid through her journey of love, happiness, loss and reward in this classic tale that is bound to take you back to that wondrous time when you were just a small child listening to stories at your mother's knee!

Remember too while you are thinking about life in the water that we have our Waters of Alurel image series for the Photo Wednesdays coming up and we would love your submissions!

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