We are very proud to announce another new addition to Alurel! We have a new Residential Sim to the north of Alurel and the plots are already filling up.

Wymberel is just as lovely as Alurel adding to the grounds to explore and enjoy. Just as with Alurel a lot of thought and car has gone into its planing and decoration and you will find delightful details and little hidden places and fun things.

On of the main attractions of Wymberel is the labyrinth in its center. Though its a small and not too complicated hedgemaze it is delightful and ment to be explored slowly and with a friend or lover. Full of little hidden spots and suprises in all its turns please do take the time to enjoy it and all of the land we have.

There are many delightful houses here as a reminder, all homes that do not have a sign by there door are privately owned and while there grounds are free to explore we ask that you do not enter the home uninvited. However if the sign is present please feel free to go in and look around.

Because we make an effort to be a home for all people we are also making both regons more micro friendly. You will find mushroom and other seats and things sprouting up with micro poses and other wonderful toys for them as we can find and add them.

Please come by and explore and enjoy. You might just find a home in our forest among the fae.

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