This week we are looking at Son!na Luxury Fashion, created by Sonia (sonia28.jie). Sonia has a wonderfully creative approach to formal and semi formal clothing that can be worn as easily by elves and fae as they can be worn by those who prefer a more modern form of dress.

Son!a katia fairy dress bronze sky

    Along with gowns that were made expressly for fantasy purposes, such as the Son!a katia fairy dress above, there are several gowns that can easily be worn for any occasion.

Son!a Salia Dress Lime

   Sonia is moving into using mesh in many of her gowns now, such as the mesh panel in the Son!a Salia Dress Lime above and the Son!a Yola Dress Candy below, two of her newest creations.

Son!a Yola Dress Candy

   Along with her formal and fantasy gowns, Sonia has also expanded recently to creating very modern forms of mesh clothing, for those modern elves, fae and human, such as the Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango and Son!a Rina mesh pants gold below.

Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango
Son!a Rina mesh pants gold

   All in all Son!a Luxury Fashion is full of exotically beautiful clothing and accessories for any walk of life! From casual, modern wear to glorious wedding gowns and everything in between, Son!a Luxury Fashion will help you to create the look you've always dreamed of!

(The following are Son!a store posters, not pictures taken by me)

Son!a Forever Bride wedding dress Cream

Son!a Candles fantasy dress silver teal 


Son!a Diva Pageant Dress Gum
Son!a Joel bridal dress wedding Pure white
Son!a Warrior fantasy dress Red
Son!a Sublime Fantasy Dress Purple
Son!a Passion Bride wedding dress White
Son!a Envy Formal dress Golden

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